One Piece: 7 Characters Who Could Join The Straw Hat Crew Before The Series Ends (& 8 Who Never Would) The Straw Hat Pirate Crew of One Piece are not for everyone, but some characters may yet join before the anime ends...

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The Wano Arc has had plenty of surprises for the One Piece faithful, and one of the biggest ones so far is finding Jinbe finally joining the Straw Hat family. New members to Monkey D. Luffy"s crew are like finding new Pokémon. Each offers a new power set and dynamic to an already established family and help make the unit stronger.

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From that connection comes an even more homely family to travel the large and oppressive Grand Line. Jinbe is just the latest addition that has fans" hearts swooning, but fans still have plenty more dream additions yet to come.

Updated on April 21st, 2021 by Sean Cubillas. The Wano Arc isn"t even over yet, and people are already making fan theories with years upon years of implications. As always, every new development in One Piece is just another opportunity for adventure, and few aspects in the series can really shake things quite as madly as the characters themselves. Since this list was last written, there have been plenty of power shifts and new character introductions that have kept the fans guessing, ideally for which one will be a future Straw Hat.

At this point in the story, it seems like no one wants Scratchmen Apoo. Far from being any One Piece fan"s favorite, Apoo has had a shaky run in the series that has only been made shakier by the Animal Kingdom"s betrayal/really bad prank on him.

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One would think that such a breach of trust would have Apoo side with the Straw Hats; but given his shady history and the fact that Zoro, without hesitation, tried to cut him down, one can assume that the Straw Hats don"t want him either. Poor Apoo.

Ever since the spawn of Kaido first stepped unto the scene, fans everywhere have just been screaming "Instant Straw Hat." And why not? Yamato is a strong, resilient character who not only hates Kaido as much as Luffy does but has dreamt of adventure and the sea since childhood.

Already, the club-wielding warrior has taken down wave after wave of Kaido"s crew as well as protected Momonosuke. All that"s missing from Yamato"s Straw Hat resume is the prerequisite sad backstory; and given the hints in the story thus far, that"s likely coming sooner than later.

Basil Hawkins is kind of in-between alliances at the moment. At first, the fortune teller seemed interested in teaming with Eustass Kid, but that was moments before Kaido made him quickly change his plans. Since then, he has been a reluctant soldier for the Animal Kingdom Pirates, patrolling the streets of Wano so that he and his crew don"t have to face the King of Beasts again.

However, with recent events in the story, even that partnership may be coming to an end; and while working with the Straw Hats may seem like a good idea, it doesn"t seem like his values, goals, and overall, edgy aesthetic would mingle with the happy-go-lucky, take-every-risk stylings of the Straw Hats.

12 Could: X. Drake

This may seem like a far shot, but X. Drake already does seem pretty eager to work with the Straw Hats. They were, after all, the people responsible for taking down Donquixote Doflamingo, the sole person responsible for likely the worst night of Drake"s life.

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And, while he may be a double agent for the Marines, the World Government"s lapdogs don"t exactly look like the heroes that they used to be (or ever were). While he may not share every value with Monkey D. Luffy, it"s easy to see Drake agreeably fighting alongside the strongest agent of change and goodness within the current landscape.

It really seemed like Koby would"ve been a lifelong sidekick to Luffy when he was first introduced. Luffy saved him from Alvida, gave him some adventure, and even helped inspire him to grow out of his shell. However, as close as they may be and as helpful as Luffy has been, the two just share fundamentally different goals.

Luffy and the Straw Hats yearn for a life of carefree, adventure, whereas Koby has always dreamt of having the strength to care for and protect people. Besides Garp, Koby is likely Luffy"s strongest ally within the Marines, but the two likely wouldn"t hesitate to fight one another if they ever saw each other on the battlefield again.

10 Could: Trafalgar Law

The Straw Hat-Heart Pirate alliance has already made Trafalgar Law essentially a member of the Straw Hats. His edgy attitude has an incredible rapport with the crew, he"s clearly the leading strategist of the current adventures, and he even has his own eyecatcher.

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No one would be surprised if, after the events of Wano, Law decides to keep his relationship with the crew going and formally joins the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, possibly as its 2nd Division commander.

Trafalgar Law is evidence that members of the Worst Generation can work with one another. Eustass Kid is evidence that some handshakes can leave broken fingers. His attempt at allying with Basil Hawkings and Scratchmen Apoo already doesn"t bode well for his history with working with others, and he already doesn"t work well with Monkey D. Luffy. Their current fight with Big Mom and Kaido is more of competition than actual teamwork.

Much like Blackbeard, he is the Straw Hats" polar opposite in attitude, demeanor, and approach to pirate life as a whole. His story works better as a bitter rival for the Pirate King throne and not as as Luffy"s begrudging new crew member.

8 Could: Boa Hancock

To be fair, Boa Hancock has plenty of responsibilities that may keep her from joining the Straw Hat Pirates. She literally has to lead her own country and has her own pirate crew that demands her attention.

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However, after the recent disbandment of the Seven Warlords, whose to say that Boa wouldn"t ally herself with the Fifth Emperor just for some new protection for her people. It also wouldn"t hurt if she got even more personal time with her beloved.

The Straw Hats already has a strong kinship with a few ex-Warlords. However, their history isn"t as gilded with the first one that they met on the Grand Line. Sir Crocodile was the conspirator that tried to overthrow an entire monarchy by having its people fight one another and threatening to kill a good portion of them with a bomb.

Knowing this wouldn"t make it easy for him to join Luffy in the first place. However, the man himself has no interest in the first place. Crocodile is a conniving pirate with his own agenda to conquer the world on his own, and that sense of independence and scheming just doesn"t mesh well with the Straw Hats.

6 Could: Bentham

While Crocodile is not likely to join the Straw Hat Pirates, the same can"t be said for some of his ex-Baroque Works agents. The most ideal one in fact being his second best combatant and the new leader of freedom across the underground world, Bentham. Bentham already has an incredible chemistry with the Straw Hats dating back to their meeting on Alabasta.

This would only become furthered on Impel Down when he helped Luffy traverse the prison"s depths. If he were ever to escape with his new band of prisoners, he could find a welcome home among Luffy"s ranks.

Smoker has already shown signs of understanding the Straw Hats as the series has gone on or, at least, understanding how dysfunctional the World Government can be. With that being said, he"s probably not going to abandon the Marine life just to join the more favorable Straw Hats.

Smoker is an agent of order and justice who would never join a pirate, despite having a deep respect for the Pirate King himself. If he were ever to work against the new regime, he"d likely do it alongside other Marines and still keep Luffy as one of his main targets.

4 Could: Otama

Long ago, Portgas D. Ace promised Otama that he would take her unto sea if she were to grow up to become a strong kunoichi. While she"s still pretty far from being that, Luffy could take on his brother"s will and take in Otama into his crew. He could do it after the Wano Arc and take her in as the crew"s cabin girl.

However, if Luffy still finds her too young, he could wait till much Otama is older and take her in as one of the distantly future member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Otama already has a strong kinship with Luffy, and it would be amazing to see her foster her nose for adventure under the Straw Hats.

Much of what could be offered to Otama above was already given to Momonsuke via his adventures to reach Wano once again. While he"s learned much under the Straw Hat Pirates, he likely wouldn"t return to the crew once Wano ends.

As the successor to Wano"s throne, Momo would likely want to stay home to hone his political skills and remain a symbol to his people. It would be fun to see him parallel his father by joining the Straw Hats, but that doesn"t seem to be where his current narrative is heading.

2 Could: Carrot

Carrot has been a dream member of the Straw Hats ever since she first stowed away on the Thousand Sunny. Such an ambitious and quirky move expresses both interest to join their crusade and plenty of personality to match the Straw Hats.

Luffy"s crew already has a fishman, cyborg, skeleton, and a talking reindeer among its ranks. A rabbit with claws, electro, and a Super Saiyan form wouldn"t seem out of place and could benefit a lot by learning about the outside world.

Given that he"s the polar opposite to Luffy, the one who captured Ace, and the main villain of the entire series, it"s suffice to say that Blackbeard is not going to join the Straw Hat Pirates. It would be a massive twist if he would; but with what the series has established, it is much more likely that he and the Straw Hats are just destined to fight to the death for the throne.

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To be fair, though, Blackbeard could join the Straw Hats the same way that he joined the Whitebeard Pirates and the Seven Warlords, but he"d likely use the opportunity the same way that he used the two others. In conclusion, his pies are not coming anywhere close to the Thousand Sunny.