Teen Wolf is returning for a brand new movie years after the main TV series wrapped up on MTV. Below, we’ll take a look at whether you can watch all six seasons of Teen Wolf on Netflix.

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In total, 90 episodes were produced for the show between 2011 and 2017 across six seasons. The series came from Jeff Davis (who is on board for the revival movie) and revolved around a young man named Scott McCall. Scott wasn’t an ordinary high schooler as he became a werewolf after being bitten a few days before starting his second year there.

The series is distributed by MGM Domestic Television Distribution (this will be important in a bit) and the new movie was announced in September 2021. Sadly, we can instantly rule that out coming to Netflix in the US given it’s going to be a Paramount+ exclusive.

Is Teen Wolf on Netflix US?

For those with good memories, you’ll remember a time when Teen Wolf was streaming on Netflix in the US.

It was sadly removed back in 2013 as part of Viacom’s retreat from licensing to Netflix. The show is distributed by MGM Domestic Television Distribution who will eventually be owned by Amazon in future years.

With that said, Teen Wolf hasn’t now been on Netflix for years and its exclusive streaming home has been on Hulu and Prime Video. It also was added to The Roku Channel in recent years.

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As a Tweet from Paramount+ suggests, the series will come up for relicensing in December 2021 where it’s expected to hit Paramount+. What’s unclear is whether Netflix, like a few other MGM titles (like Stargate which was licensed last year).

You might want to clear some space in December for your Teen Wolf series binge.