Sometimes your favorite tunes won"t play on Spotify. Here"s why that happens and how to get them back.

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We have all had moments where we listen to a Spotify song on repeat hundreds of times. Until one day, they simply stop showing up on our playlists. But why do Spotify songs disappear and become unplayable? Don’t panic; just because they aren’t there now, it doesn"t mean that they’re gone forever.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the different reasons why songs are unplayable on Spotify and how you can try to recover them.

Why Are Some Songs Unplayable on Spotify?

If you’re wondering why your favorite song is gone from your Spotify playlist, here are several reasons why it could be missing.

Artist Contract Expiry

Because Spotify is a streaming site, they don’t own any of the music on the platform. Spotify licenses music and pays artists based on the number of streams per song. However, Spotify is also notorious for its lack of pay transparency. This is because Spotify has varying subscription fees and ad revenue across countries, which contribute to the streaming rates.

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With this, many renowned artists who command millions of followers worldwide tend to renegotiate for better terms with Spotify when possible. During the negotiation or dispute process, their songs might be hidden temporarily on Spotify.

These days, it’s easy for people to remix or create cover songs from their bedroom. With Spotify, sharing your own version of a song has never been so convenient. However, many people do this without knowing how to attribute or give credit to the original songwriter.

Regional Blocks

If you’re moving to a different country, you may realize that some of the songs you love no longer appear on Spotify. Some of your favorite artists may choose to work with a different streaming platform that is more widely used in that specific region.

In some cases, artists also have region-specific contracts for their singles due to laws that prohibit profanity or overtly sexual lyrics. With this, artists either create a version of the same song with slightly different lyrics or will not be able to release it in that region. In this case, you may still be able to find a clean version of the song through the search button.

Internet Connection

Some songs may also not play because of your device"s network settings. For example, some phone battery savings settings may disable data services. With this, Spotify will not be able to access the internet on power saving mode.

How to Recover Songs and Playlists on Spotify

If you want to get an unplayable song back on your playlist, here are some ways that you can try to get back access to your now-hidden Spotify songs.

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Reset Your Internet Connection

Before jumping in to conclusions, you can reset your internet connection first. For desktop users, it may entail resetting the Wi-Fi and checking for any possible firewalls. For iOS and Android users, you can turn your data off and on or use airplane mode.

Use a VPN

If the songs you are looking for aren’t available in your country, a VPN can help trick your device into thinking you are in a different place. If a certain rap song just hits different with a little profanity, change your VPN location to a country where it’s not a big deal.

If you’re hoping to find a song that isn’t available in most places, it’s likely supported in America and Europe, which offer the largest libraries.

Clear Cache

In some cases, large caches prevent mobile phones from loading Spotify properly. To clear your Spotify Cache on iOS, open your Spotify App.