A beautiful song by Joe Cocker. It was written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher. Billy’s inspiration was his mom. The song was on Preston’s on his 1974 albumThe Kids and Meand was the B-side of his hit single “Nothing From Nothing.” Producer Jim Price created a slow arrangement for Cocker’s cover. The song was on Cocker’s album was on I Can Stand a Little Rain.

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This was originally released as the B-side of “Put Out the Light,” which was the first single from the album. After a few weeks, A&M Records flipped the songs, and “You Are So Beautiful” became the A-side.

You Are So Beautiful peaked at #5 in the Billboard 100 in 1975. The song is beautiful and the slowed down tempo fits Joe Cocker’s voice perfectly. It is one of those songs that is instantly recognizable.

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This Billy Preston/Bruce Fisher song was first recorded by Preston

Fisher was Preston’s songwriting partner and he co-wrote both of Preston’s American chart-toppers, “Will It Go Round In Circles” and “Nothing From Nothing.”

This is one of the more romantic songs out there, but Billy Preston wrote it as a tribute to his mother, a fact that embarrassed Sam Moore, half of the soul duo Sam & Dave, who often performed the tune to attract girls. After bragging to Preston about his exploits with the song, Preston finally set him straight. “You never understood after that how stupid I felt,” Moore told BBC Radio 4 in 2010. Moore still recorded it for his 2006 solo album,Overnight Sensational, with Preston on keyboards and Eric Clapton and Zucchero on guitar.

Legend surrounding “You are So Beautiful” claims that Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys helped Preston complete it. Wilson received no songwriting credits but he sang this song for many years at Beach Boys concerts.

This was used in the 1993 movieCarlito’s Wayand in the 1981 filmModern Romance.

Cocker sang this at Billy Preston’s funeral in 2006.

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This is one of the most-recognized songs in America, but it didn’t crack the chart in Joe Cocker’s native UK.

You Are So Beautiful

You are so beautifulTo meYou are so beautifulTo meCan’t you see

You’re everything I hope forYou’re everything I needYou are so beautiful to meYou are so beautiful to me

You are so beautifulTo meCan’t you seeYou’re everything I hope forYou’re every, everything I needYou are so beautiful to me