As you can see Keerkat is wrong. Its not B.Keeping an eye contact. The correct answer is a firm handshake :D

The correct answer is A. Giving a firm handshake


A nonverbal cue refers to elements of communication that are not verbal and therefore do not have a verbal translation this includes boy orientation, movements, changes in the tone of the voice and facial expression that express or communicate something but do not rely on words but on sounds, movement or visual elements. On the other hand, an interview is a formal communicative situation in which an employer asks questions and talks to a candidate in order to determine if the candidate is suitable for taking a job vacant.

Considering this situation is formal and affects the decision of the employer most candidates want to give a good impression and show they are professional and because of this, the use of verbal and non-verbal language is key during the interview as it can create a favorable or unfavorable image in the employer. In the case of nonverbal language, one cue that shows confidence and competence is "giving a firm handshake" as this shows the candidate feels confident in the situation and also follows formal protocols which create a positive image and transmit the candidate is competent.

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The nonverbal cue that can be used to convey confidence and competence to your interviewer is giving a firm handshake.


Beginning an interview with a firm handshake gives the first impression of self-reliance and confidence which provides the person with an advantage, at being ahead from the candidates as the interviewee keeps the interview running with more cues that communicate the same congruent secure personality.

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Eye to eye contact is one of the most effective non verbal cues that can be used to convey confidence and competence to your interviewer. By simply looking at them into their eye, you are showing them that you can talk to them without hesitations.

Keeping constant eye contact is a nonverbal cue that can be used to convey confidence and competence to your interviewer.Though giving a firm handshake is also a nonverbal cue, it has lesser impact compared with keeping constant eye contact in conveying confidence and competence. Keeping constant eye contact also convey to the interviewer that you are interested to what he or she is saying. 

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