Head to the flooded city and use your scanner to find YoRHa units. At the end of the path (near an old bus) a unit will tell you where you can find 9S. After doing MIA, go to City Ruins: Deep Cave and use the scanner to find 9S within the ruins.

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Does Nier automata have difficulty achievements?

There are no difficulty achievements. Pro tip: you can buy achievements with in-game currency on your 3rd or 4th playthrough. Doing the start on normal and then upping it again in game is probably a good way to go. Its a great game, and worth getting into if you can get past the start.

Where is the Power Up Part L?

Where to Find/Location

The Amusement Park Rabbit at the main entrance of the Amusement Park can be farmed repeatedly.The Tower, after the first Ko-Shi boss encounter as A2 (Ch. 17-06).Complete the Emil’s Determination quest, then return to Emil’s house to find the part in a chest.

How do I get power up part s?

Where to Find/Location

Reward for completing Anemone’s Past.Reward for completing Robo Dojo–Red Belt.Dropped by the Courageous Brother after defeating it and the two Gold Goliath Bipeds in the City Ruins.

How do you get Emil’s determined?

Emil’s Determination Walkthrough

First complete Emil’s Memories.Find all weapons and upgrade them to maximum level (Pods and Pod Programs don’t count).In order to obtain all weapons, you must have defeated Emil (Boss), and picked up Emil Heads.Head to the Abandoned Shopping Center to talk to Emil and start the quest.

How do I start Emil’s memories?

Emil’s Memories Walkthrough Travel to the City Ruins: Near the Tower access point and towards the Commercial Facility on the way to Forest Zone. You will see a shining flower on the ground floor of the facility. Interact with it and Emil will appear and begin the quest.

How do you fight Emil desert?

Strategy. After upgrading every weapon to max level, a quest marker will appear at the abandoned shopping center, once you’re there, talk to Emil and Pod will tell you that he is heading to the desert. Once you’re on location you will find Emil once again, talk to him to initiate the boss fight.

Is Emil a human?

In the game’s Japanese script, Emil explains that he was no longer human once he became the weapon No. 7 (by the year 2026). When he fuses with his sister, he lost the ability to ever go back to “looking human.”

What sells Emil?

Emil’s Shop (Emil) is a Merchant that drives around the City Ruins on multiple routes that tends to offer higher end items such as chips, materials, and even a couple of exclusive weapons.

Does Emil remember NieR?

By the end of the battle, with his battle mode in overdrive, the Emil in the truck finally remembered his time with Nier, Kaine and Weiss and didn’t want to fight anymore and be with them, and so he decided to self-destruct.

Do you have to fight Emil as 9S?

Due to this, this fight can only be done with 9S. In order to get to the second fight, you must win the first fight and gather and upgrade all weapons. Emil will then appear in the commercial area. He’ll give you a quest that leads into the desert where the actual, final bossfight against Emil will ensue.

Can you do emils determination as 2B?

No. He just sits there after you beat him. A weapon should be available nearby for you to upgrade to Level 4, which will finally allow you to trigger the actual quest.

How do you destroy Emil Nier?

Now, go and speak to Emil at least once and access his shop menu. To do this simply find him on the map, denoted by a face icon, and shoot him with 9S’s Pod to make him stop.

How do I stop Emil self destruct?

When Emil is coming to the end of his speech, you should see a 10 second countdown start over one of the large spheres (not Emil himself). Dash over to it and attack, you should destroy it before the countdown ends – that will successfully complete the quest.

How do you unlock the Emil quest?


The quest unlocks after the Forest Kingdom main quest is completed. Once you find Emil driving around the City Ruins, shoot him with your Pod, then go and talk to him.This quest must be done before 2B or 9S battle with Grün.

Is Emil in Nier Replicant?

Emil is an NPC in Nier: Automata. Resembles the companion character who accompanied the player in the NieR: Gestalt / NieR: Replicant, but may actually be a copy. He harbors latent magical power, but most of his memory is gone due to the long years that have passed/making so many copies of himself.

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Who is stronger 2B or A2?

It’s a tossup between A2 and 2B for strongest. Since A2’s data was used to perfect the next generation of combat yorha, 2B probably has better programming and hardware. But, since A2 has hundreds of years of experience, maybe she’s still stronger. A2 flatly has better abilities than 2B.