Vagina and Penis descriptions have been torn down and rebuilt.Finding GaloMax is now available as a random event. You can only find it twice atm.GaloMax afflicted players can now manipulate their hair and biomass settings.Probably a bunch of other junk I’m too sick/tired to think of. Mostly fixes, though.

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Pre-emptive happy Turkey Day from us here. Don’t expect any special event for the holiday, but be sure to visit Canada (the Turkey-girl) in New Texas!

Sasha says:

Well now thats done with get some rest before you die.

That being said, I wonder what’s in store for Christmas this year.

eveoflife says:
Savin says:

You go to Dornatomi Plaza again for Puppyslutmas, but a bunch of mecha-terrorists led by Claus Gruber attack and hold everybody hostage. Only Captain Steele escapes, and it’s up to you and a plucky, chubby peacekeeper with a troubled past on the outside to save everyone.

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42 says:
* Fenfen says:

Gotta question about GaloMax Fen, how customizable will the PC be when they go full goo? Is it only limited to distributing biomass to say make the PC’s hips, butt, thickness, etc bigger, or will we be able to change arms, tails, eyes, legs (if they’re still there) etc?

a question crossing my mind, if there will be suckers like what Flahne has. something the PC can purchase to store up biomass b4 heading out/on the go?

that will likely nip me in the ass, i remember goo from CoC bring awfully needy and failure to supply those needs was met with permanent stat strikes, always removed 1 point of str or was it endurance(?), one of those of those points, but that nip couldn’t be recovered without outside help like the gym or item consumption.