One-Punch Man: Top 10 Dragon Level Threats In One-Punch Man, monsters designated as Dragon-level disasters are among the baddest of the bad. Which of the threats have been the most memorable?

One-Punch Man is one of the most famous anime to come out recently. Fans familiar with the series will know that an important aspect of the story is the constant conflict between the Hero Association and various superhuman threats.

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These threats come in various forms such as monsters, evil humans, and even robots. The Hero Association monitors these threats and assigns them different disaster levels – Wolf, Tiger, Demon, Dragon, and God – based on the potential destruction they can cause. The maximum confirmed disaster level that has been seen so far in the series is Dragon, capable of harming multiple cities, although some threats have come close to being God.

Pluton was a huge pig-like being also known as the King of the Underworld. He appeared at the end of the anime’s first season, awakened as a result of humans continuously polluting the earth. His threat level was apparent from the destruction of the city that he left behind.

Fortunately for the citizens, Genos arrived and kept him busy long enough for Saitama to come and save the day with a single punch yet again. The scene ended with Saitama crying out in frustration that he had defeated another monster with a single blow.

Carnage Kabuto was a humanoid monster created by Dr. Genus of the House of Evolution. He was very intelligent, but he also had an insatiable desire to fight and kill strong enemies. When he faced off against Saitama after knocking Genos down several times, it was this instinct that prevented him from landing the first blow.

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The fight sequence had a humorous tone to it as Saitama revealed his training technique (push-ups) and then proceeded to defeat Carnage Kabuto using one punch after he realized it was a Saturday.

The Meteor was the first non-living entity categorized as a Dragon-level threat. After astronomers detected it heading towards City Z, the Hero Association called for help from S-class heroes. Due to the short notice, only Silver Fang, Metal Knight, and Genos arrived at the scene.

The latter two were unable to stop it despite using immense firepower. As always, Saitama arrived to save the day. He shattered the meteor into smaller fragments but it still caused great damage to the city.

7 Melzargard

Melzargard was the general of the alien race called the Dark Matter Thieves. He had shapeshifting and regeneration powers as long as the marble-like orbs inside his multiple heads remained intact.

Even multiple S-class heroes like Metal Bat, Silver Fang, Atomic Samurai, and Puri-Puri Prisoner were initially unable to defeat Melzargard because of his strong regenerative powers. Eventually, Atomic Samurai figured out how to kill him by simultaneously destroying all the orbs located inside his body.

Gouketsu was a human who was converted into a monster and later rose to the rank of an executive member of the Monster Association. In his first appearance in season 2 of the anime, he took out Genos with a single strike and proceeded towards the Super Fight Stadium where a martial arts competition was being held.

Gouketsu"s main objective was to convert the competition"s participants into monsters by letting them consume his monster cells. Suiryu refused the offer and challenged Gouketsu but was badly beaten by the much stronger entity. Saitama eventually killed the monster after being warned about the threat by Suiryu.

5 Geryuganshoop

Geryuganshoop, like Melzargard, was a general of the Dark Matter Thieves. It was in charge of the control room of their spaceship and handed out instructions to all other members. It proclaimed itself to be the supreme telekinetic power in the Universe and used psychokinetic powers like Telekinetic Shower of Rubble and Telekinetic Gravitational Wave to attack Saitama.

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Unimpressed by Geryuganshoop’s waste of psychic powers, Saitama proceeded to throw back a pebble at its head, instantly killing it.

Elder Centipede was a humongous monster categorized as a Dragon-level threat because of its sheer strength and frightening appearance. Even S-class heroes like Genos and Bang (Silver Fang) along with Bong (Bang’s older brother) struggled to contain it when it interrupted their fight with Garou.

Elder Centipede was nearly killed two years earlier in a battle with the top-ranked S-class hero Blast but at that time it hadn"t grown into its power. Elder Centipede was finally defeated by King and Saitama when the former lured it out while the latter used a single punch to kill it.

3 Orochi

Orochi is one of the strongest monsters and the current leader of the Monster Association. Though he has appeared in cameos in the anime so far, the manga describes him in detail. He realizes the true potential of fellow monsters and even villainous humans and does not hesitate to welcome them to the association, as seen with Gouketsu and Garou.

Orochi is the second character after Lord Boros to withstand one of Saitama’s fatal punches. After the battle with Saitama, he merges with Psykos and becomes powerful enough to injure Tatsumaki. It remains to be seen how powerful he will become as the manga story continues.

Garou is a former pupil of Silver Fang, expelled after he beat up all his fellow students. He is an extremely skilled martial arts master who has hates heroes due to events in his troubled childhood. Although he never refuses a fight with the heroes he encounters, he never kills any of them, either.

Garou was the first opponent to go easy on Saitama because of this (he was still able to recover from Saitama’s attacks), although when he fully transformed into a monster, he said that he would kill Saitama. Garou proclaimed himself to be the God-level threat that the fortune teller Shibabawa mentioned in her prophecy. It remains to be seen if he will indeed become the first confirmed God-level threat in the series.

1 Boros

Lord Boros was the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves. As part of a prophecy, he traveled across the Universe to Earth in search of the being who would rekindle his passion for battle. He was extremely powerful and his abilities included exceptional regeneration, energy projection, and power release (his armor). He was strong enough to hit Saitama all the way to the moon and was the first opponent to survive Saitama"s Consecutive Normal Punches.

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Boros decided to use his ultimate skill Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon to destroy the entire Earth but Saitama countered it with his Serious Punch, finishing off his opponent. Boros came the closest to becoming a God-level threat in the series thus far. He had the power to destroy an entire planet but it took a tremendous toll on his body, making this threat the exception and not the rule.