At the time, taking that leap from middle school to high school is a huge deal. There is an abundant amount of memories, life lessons, and friendships to make throughout those four years. For many, people look back and say high school was the time of their lives. However, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of cringe worthy moments us post high school grads wish we could forget. To spare you the pain, here are 20 things I wish I knew before high school.

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 1. Your mom is always right, and even when she’s wrong, she’s actually right.

She’ll spot a bad friend or boyfriend from a mile away. Her opinion may annoy you, but no one has your best interest at heart more then your mother. This is definitely one of the things I wish I knew before high school.


3. Surround yourself with ambitious people who keep you happy and keep you motivated.

People that want to see you succeed and want what’s best for you. You can’t rise above without having chaos to lift you.


5. Also find some time to hangout with your pets.

Their time on earth is way shorter than ours. Our love and attention means the world to them and I promise once they are gone, there’s is nothing you’ll miss more. This is definitely one of the things I wish I knew before high school.


9. Shit happens.

You will make so many mistakes but the point is to learn from them. You may not be able to control what happens in every situation but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it. Besides, if bad things didn’t happen, how would you being able to feel the good ones?


11. Be kind and remain humble because not everyone is as fortunate as you, and not everyone has had the advantages that you’ve had.

Even when the world is not kind to you and be kind to all. Rich or poor, pretty or not so pretty, smart or dumb. We live in a world where perfection is continuously sought. What we fail to understand is that perfection doesn’t exist. People won’t remember the things you say to them but they will always remember the way you made them feel. You will never regret being kind.


13. Don’t worry about the people who hate you, worry about the people who love you.

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Your haters will talk about you, make up rumors, call you names, and make you seem like something your not, whether you know it or not. It’s important to remember that how you treat others and what you say about others is who you really are. You’re a different human being to everybody you meet. Your character and attitude will always beat your reputation. Plus, who cares if people don’t like you, it’s always their problem not yours.