The website promotes Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld’s Nutrition & Healing newsletter and free book, “The Atlas of Natural Cures.”. They claim that Dr. Rothfeld has a long history working in the top echelons of medicine and has 8 best selling books.

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In his research he reveals many natural cures that you can use to start reversing the disastrous effects of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Dementia. At The Rothfeld Center for Integrative Medicine in Waltham Massachusetts he and his team conduct research that opposes common medical thought.
Inside this free ebook Dr. Rothfeld reveals the ICT protocol which is a formula for feeding your brain the proper nutrients to slow down mental decline. The nutrient cocktail focuses on incorporating MCTs( Medium Chain Triglycerides) into your diet and the supporting nutrients necessary for optimal absorption of them.
Beyond Alzheimer's the book also includes natural remedies for fighting certain cancers based on specific medicinal mushrooms. The idea being an alternative to traditional chemical treatments of cancers.
The book also includes a section on treating one of the most common ailments affecting people today, Arthritis. The doctor claims to have natural treatments that will reduce pain and inflammation.
The Atlas of Natural Cures also addresses Diabetes and high cholesterol. All in all the have solutions and advice to deal with many of the common sicknesses in a non invasive and natural matters.
While the Atlas of Natural Cures is advertised as free it comes at no cost only when you sign up for a one year subscription of the Nutrition and Healing newsletter for $74 or $37 for seniors.
If you have any questions you can submit an inquiry on their online form or reach them at their phone number 443-353-4204.
There are not many customer reviews for the Atlas of Natural Cures as it is a free book. The main thing to note is that while natural cures can have real benefits on your health do not substitute them for any medical treatments that have been prescribed without consulting your doctor first.
There was a complaints regarding the billing practices for Dr. Rothfeld’s Newsletter, Nutrition & Healing. An online complainant claimed he had trouble canceling and refunding a subscription renewal fee.

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There are many resources available for finding natural and herbal cures for many ailments. Other resources for natural solutions can be found in the Primal Blueprint and from Chris Kresser.