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I think Eishi just wants to cook in a diner like Soma was doing at the start. He doesn't like it when the 1% praise him, but I bet he would enjoy regulars at a diner.

I like the episode but god damn the pacing is whack.

I hope they'll at least take their time with three episodes remaining.

This is truly the most despicable act anyone has ever done in this series. That's almost as bad as Mugi stealing a strawberry! WTF Tsukasa?!

Oh well. At least we got some Isshiki fanservice to make the episode a little lighter.

What in the forty gods is this pacing and scaling. Nothing fucking matters anymore in this show. The power scaling went out of control and its just gasm after gasm and then a random reason why x character won.

There isn't anything relatable about the dishes anymore. It's sad to see a fun show go down hill so hard so fast.

Iirc it was during this arc that Yuki Morisaki, the cooking advisor for the manga, took her maternity leave. And it shows because of how much they gloss over the cooking itself.

Yeah .... besides it being more judging than cooking ..... the characters are just drab. The pacing is pretty weak. It's just one after another with nothing that interesting in between. Which sucks as the last seasons were so fun. Seeing the cooking instead of look here's what I just cooked.

I noticed Rindou right away but I didn’t notice Tsukasa until your comment! I love that little change.

I feel dumb because I am the only person who still likes the show despite the pacing.

Between this and OPM, I feel like my "good show" taste is broken.

See more: The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze, Song: Written By Gaston Lyle, George Leybourne

We all have our guilty pleasures, it’s no big deal. It’s fine to enjoy something even if you can recognize all the faults in it. For example, I’m enjoying the Rifle is Beautiful anime despite it being a simple predictable story with cliched characters. It’s generic in almost every way! The one thing that stands out about it is it’s comedic timing and ability to de-escalate any and every tense scene that comes along.