I love the deals and the deals on the meats are great. The employees are very nice and helpful. I wish there was a save alot near me but the deals are worth the 55 minute drive.

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The cashier was super nice.Prices was okay.Store was clean.The only reason 4/5 stars. I had to ask for the cheese...There was a huge space. Where there was no products.

For a small save . Should be called the most friendly store in the city. They do not always have what your trying to find . But this time a year . They may have what the big stores not .

Best spot in town for groceries. It doesnt look like the others, thats why they are so much more affordable.

Save A Lot is like shopping with old childhood friends. Great products, friendly employees, and the best meat prices in town!!!

Super sux... worst grocery store if ya wanna call it that even Ive ever been come .. Southside needs something better than this ...missin cash saver

Let me add the fact that its clean and staff is friendly. They were mask to and also sanitize the carts after each customer. It makes it feel a lot safer to grocery shop during covid ! Thank you save a lot!

The staff was able to handle a hostile customer quickly and safely. Noone was harmed during the whole event. And the store has a good stock with what you need at a moments notice.

Decent prices and reasonable product base. Similar to Aldis in that you either love it or hate it. The store is clean, well lit, and well stocked. The employees are patient and helpful.

The experience was Great, except the the music coming from the store was somewhat loud, and not the usual oldies that I have been accustomed to while shopping there, throughout the years.

I really appreciate Save-A-Lot limiting the number of customers in the store at a time I was able to social distance and get in and out of the store promptly

Prices are neck and neck with Aldi prices. Selection is just as good if not better than Aldi as well.Staff is extremely friendly and helpful.The meat selection is the best in town. They cut anything for you, the prices are the best in town, quality is best in town and selection is best in town.They DO NOT add 10% after tax at checkout like Cash Saver and 10 Box do.Anyone looking to save money with great quality and prices in a friendly and clean store should definitely go to Save-A-Lot and check them out

Good selection. Good prices. Used to shop there frequently when lived closer. Still grab things from time to time.

I LOVE this store! Its not a fancy supermarket, but its clean, their produce is FRESH, and the employees are courteous and helpful without just hanging over you like youre a thief. I kinda felt like a thief today tho, when I was buying those beautiful steaks for the price they had on them!

Very under staffed but the people are great and prices are good overall a really good place to shop.

I shop here so often that the managers & cashiers know me by name. That is no lie! I love my Southside Save-A-Lot. They are friendly & helpful. The place is always clean. They keep the shelves stocked even through their busy times such as holidays and snow storms. They have a good selection & the prices are reasonable. I highly recommend that you visit them whether you are on a budget or not. Its always a good experience! That is no lie!

I love shopping at Save-A-Lot. The employees are always very kind. And I feel like I always get a very good value for my money.

This store is clean, organized, and had more selection than I expected. The cashiers were friendly too. It does close early.

Got in and out with a quickness and the employees are very friendly and helpful. Thanks for the great deals and great customer service!

Good sweet loving nice clean place good but last yr. No good this years awesome sauce good for u and it ladys and that man good job better than Walmart

I shop here it has okay prices Save-A-Lot is a lot better than the other place down the road that charges more and tags on 10% to your bill

Selection is decent and staff is helpful. Great variety for lower than supermarket costs. Similar to Aldis (though with much more room) where shoppers pick up boxes as they go and bag/load their own groceries. Building is old and definitely starting to show its age.

Save A Lot is the best way to go especially during the holidays. You get in and out and the help is always so pleasant. Good prices and clean store with specials every day.

May not have all of the things I need but I have never had a rude cashier or worker in the years I have shopped here. Keep up the good work

I love to shop here. I love their cheap prices and great variety of food. I only wish they didnt charge for bags.

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Close to home, off sets prices in gas saved and most are in close computation with Walmarts prices. Especially if you take advantage of their online cupons and receipt cupons! Most clerks are friendly, helpful and will help you find needed cupons!

We do alot of grocery shopping here. You can get cheaper items here. Most of their products are a generic brand but still good quality.

Address:451 Hwy 53, South Dr, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901, United StatesSite:https://savealot.com/grocery-stores/poplar-bluff-63901-23174Phone:+1 573-686-4758