A survey charge is a small explosive that is used to determine the mineral content of an area of ground. The survey charge is placed on the ground where it explodes and throws an amount of resources into the air. The resources thrown are directly proportional to the yield of a mining quarry when placed over the crater left by the survey charge. The impact crater can also be examined manually which will generate a note containing the numerical analysis of the minerals present.The survey charge also deals damage in an area of affect upon explosion. While ineffective against players due to the fuse and low damage, it can be used to help raid sheet metal doors if they are available, and provide enough damage to not be worth recycling instead.

Explosion Radius5 m
Explosion Delay5 sec

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BlueprintIngredientsTimeWorkbench Level
Survey Charge Blueprint×30×5×10×207–15 sec
×10Gun Powder Blueprint

Known by Default

×30×200.5–2 sec
×4Low Grade Fuel Blueprint

Known by Default

×31–5 sec-

ToolRequirementsScrap Total
Research Table



Jive Cracker

" class="badge"> 107 pts. 2 years ago

This item was intended to be used for finding a good site for a quarry, but this feature isnt available in the game right now. The survey charge"s only good good use is recycling for some GP to make some handmade shells OR dealing a little bit of damage to structures.

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It takes ~42 Survey charges to break a sheet metal door ~13 to break a wooden door and ~125 to break a stone wall throwing from the side can potentially lower this number