HelloI’m trying to schedule a refresh for 2 datasets, both are live connections (import) and 1 one of them i’m sure it’s from an sql server and the other, i know i have a server name, user and password but i’m not 100% sure it’s from a sql.What i would like to know is how to schedule a refresh for both datasets. (i’ve alfready done the flows from power automate but don’t know what to do from here)Thanks all of youBest regardsPedro




When i click on show it gives me this message:“Scheduled refresh is disabled because at least one data source is missing credentials. To start the refresh again, go to this dataset’s settings page and enter credentials for all data sources. Then reactivate scheduled refresh.”One last thing: all my data sources and pbi files are in one drive


Thank You for posting your query onto the hyakkendana-hashigozake.com.

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I’m providing a link of the Microsoft documentation based onto the topic “Data refresh in Power BI” in that you can refer the sections “Power BI Refresh Types” and “OneDrive Refresh” since all your files are located in the OneDrive. And also providing a link of a video of Adam from Guy in a Cube just for the reference.

Hoping you find this useful and helps you to solve your problem.


Assign configured source

Rajesh and many thanks for your help. I believe i did the first step and my question is where and how do i do the assign configured source?Thanks a lot

Rajesh August 16, 2020, 5:42pm #9


Expand Gateway connection… and map the source


Capture01831×529 41.7 KB
and then…
Capture02845×751 67.3 KB
Can’t apply…Gateway installed…

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Harsh August 16, 2020, 7:59pm #18


And that’s what myself and
Greg has said. For the files that are in the OneDrive section there’s no Gateway required. In the above screenshot, he is trying to set up the connection for the OneDrive also under the Gateway section.

For OneDrive he just need to follow the steps as provided in the video and he will be able to set up the refresh options since he has already set up SQL Server under the Gateway option and the second main concern is as he has confirmed in the Post No. 4 that the file are in the OneDrive he just need to enter the appropriate credentials under the “Data Source Credentials” option as suggested in the video which is not activated right now in his case.

Thanks & Warm Regards,Harsh

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pedroccamara August 16, 2020, 9:42pm #19

guys, nothing is working…i mean, i saw the video and did exactly what Raza suggested, and after changing the source in power query, it says “Access to the resource is forbidden”.Did it happened to any of you?

Harsh August 17, 2020, 8:53am #20


I’m providing some of the links of the blogposts which addresses this type of issue.

Hoping this links helps you in solving the issue that you’re facing.


How to fix the Resource forbidden error when connecting Power BI with...

To fix the Power BI error Access to the resource is forbidden, try clearing the data source"s permissions and selecting an alternative log-in option.


Access to the resource is forbidden error in Power BI - SPGuides

This Power BI tutorial explains how to solve error Access to the resource is forbidden which comes while loggin to Power BI desktop while connecting to SharePoint Online site.

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Ruki"s Blog – 6 May 19

Access to the Resource is Forbidden on Power BI Desktop - Ruki"s Blog

Just a quick post today to share a fix for an error that I have come across multiple times on Power BI Desktop and Excel Power Query when refreshing reports. “Access to the Resource is Forbidden” When receiving this message on Power BI...


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