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An hour and 50 minutes and counting as of this review. Still no food. Called 15 minutes ago to cancel the order of it wasn't already in route and was assured that it was on its way. The store...
Worst Pizza Hut in the world Craig rather Eat a turkey pot pie. Every one work here unprofessional. Needs shut down!!!!
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Just don't. This is my second experience where my pizza has shown up 30+ minutes after my delivery window, cold, and entirely incorrect. Go with Papa John's or spring for Benny's. This Pizza Hut...
This is the dirtiest restaurant "if" you want to call it one that I have ever been in in my life. I had to walk around the whole dining area to find a clean table to sit at and I could not find...
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Yea don't order from here. The worst experience I have ever had. I haven't received my order in two hours. I call the lady about it and she had an attitude with me so I just hung up on her. I...

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We are taking additional actions to prioritize safety at our Pizza Hut restaurants in the U.S. Most immediately, we’ve increased the frequency of our already strict sanitizing procedures in high touch point areas in our restaurants like door handles, front counters, credit card machines, seats, dining areas & restrooms. We’ve always had strict hand hygiene & sanitizing procedures in place & continue to reemphasize the importance of our brand health standards. We’re ready to serve you the pizza you love, whether it’s picked up for carryout, at the curb or delivered hot to your doorstep. Pizza Hut has a decades-long history of providing delivery—from our oven to your home—and we’re preparing our team of dedicated drivers for an increased demand in online ordering and delivery service.