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Story and Summary-

The episode starts with Dr. Genus story who is a great young scientist with an ideas of evolving humanity artificially. The young doctor become disillusioned with the world and that’s why he starts discovering the secrets of immortality and creating the clones of himself to swap the human existence.

Saitama gave up on his patience and cuts the narration of the Armored Gorilla. The Armored Gorilla starts explaining that Doctor Genus is very interested in Saitama’s human body and he wants him. Saitama understands it in the wrong way and realize that the doctor must be homosexual. Saitama denied by saying that he is not interested in men.

Genos explains that Doctor Genus wants Saitama’s body for his various experiments to analyze his power and skills. Genos concludes that they should attack on Doctor Genus or he will attack on them again for Saitama’s body. Saitama orders to attack on the doctor now because the store discount day is tomorrow and they should finish the job today. They are going for the doctor and Genos asks the Armored Gorilla if there is any cyborgs still active from last four years who destroyed the town, but Armored Gorilla denied that there is no cyborg left.

The House of Evolution is ready for the arrival of Saitama towards them. They starts their plan to stop his after the releasing of Carnage Kabuto. All the clones of the doctor are in shock as they knew that Carnage Kabuto is extremely deadly and dangerous. Saitama and Genos reached to the working area of Doctor Genus in the jungle. Saitama analyze that the building is almost of six floors and he starts counting the building floors but Genos destroyed the whole building in one attack. Saitama tells that he is more faster than his expectations.

They heading to the underground area of the building. The doctor released Carnage Kabuto to fight with Saitama. He is preparing and testing Carnage Kabuto and realize that he may made a big mistake to release him. Carnage Kabuto heading to fight with Saitama in the tunnel. Kabuto destroyed Genos in the wall and Saitama is watching him amazed. Saitama tells Kabuto that he fixed Genos in the wall very well. Carnage Kabuto and Saitama is in a huge room but Genos attacks on Kabuto with his fire powers.

Carnage Kabuto saves himself and realize that he is still alive. Both starts fighting with each other and Saitama is looking on them standing in the middle of the room. After some attempts, Carnage Kabuto have the upper hand on Genos and he is thrown on the wall of the room. Carnage Kabuto is prepared for a fight with Saitama but after few attempts he is back off against him. Carnage Kabuto’s body detects the power of Saitama with the technology and he is amazed that anyone is more stronger than him. Carnage Kabuto asks about the secrets of Saitama’s power. Genos also near the wall is ready to hear the secrets of Saitama’s power.

Doctor Genus out of nowhere enters in the room and tells that he also wants to know about the secrets of his power. Saitama reveals that his training schedule was of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10 km of running everyday from last five years. Everyday he was up for all these things and he makes himself this kind of strong after doing all these things and that is the secret of his power. Genos is shocked in disbelief and yelled at Saitama that he can’t become that much stronger after doing these exercises.

Carnage Kabuto transforms into his Carnage Mode and it looks like he will beat Saitama. Doctor Genus is also confident that Carnage Kabuto’s powers are enough to beat Saitama. Carnage starts attacking on Saitama but he is saved by all the attempts by Kabuto. After a moment he realize that today is the last of the store discount not tomorrow.

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He punches on Carnage Kabuto and he is defeated in one punch. Saitama orders Genos to went with him for the discount day at the store. Doctor Genus witnessed all these things and he leaves his plan of the human artificial evolution. He knowns in the end that he is the one who should change. The Hero Association are inspecting the House of Evolution and the blast site caused by Genos. They are discussing the destructive powers of Genos.