Hey kool aid and frozen pizzaIt"s a work of art I ain"t talkin mona lisaDream of rockin crowdsSee me fillin up arenaWeed got me laughin like a damn hyena< Lyrics from: http://www.hyakkendana-hashigozake.com/e59907-mac_miller~kool_aid_and_frozen_pizza_lyrics.html >Yeah I live a life pretty similar to yoursUsed to go to school hang with friends and play sportsEvery single summer takin trips to the shoreAnd that was all gravy but I knew I wanted moreAin"t ever seen a young rapper like moiCan"t believe they eyes swear it"s just a mirageStill got my training wheels in the garageBut I ain"t gonna need those imma go hardSo far I"ve done pretty well for myselfA couple trophies on my shelf so what elseCould I want that I don"t have yetWell a little more cash and my own fast jetSo I can go anywhere (anywhere) anywhere (anywhere)Cali for the kush cause boy I know there"s plenty thereBout to be in music stores everywhere but not yetThe can"t understand my conceptI been climbin up the great wallHaven"t had a fall yetThese blogs gotta know I"m on nextClean conscience good samaritanCompanies send me clothes so I"m wearin emIf you didn"t know well I"m from the BURGHEverything I drop recorded by big jermI smoke herb and I make musicI don"t even talk about it boy I just do itEverybody got they own opinionThe reasons why they feelin emYou must admit he"s killin emRunnin off adrenalineWaitin for the game to wanna let him in so open upThe boy a barrel of a smokin gunWhether I"m old or young the chosen oneI got a hundred billion flows to comeI hope you know the lyrics to every single songSo when I"m at a show everyone can sing alongMy weed bag empty bottle at it"s last dropI"m feelin like this could be my last shotBut many more songs to make cousinSo why the fuck you buggin?