Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIQr_TrFTUkLYRICSIf you've ever wondered whyDisney tales all end in liesHere's what happened after all their dreams came trueMulan (I'll Make a Man Out of You)After saving China I went home aloneI was feeling conflicts in my lower zoneI've been dressing like a guy for monthsNow I'm losing all controlI think I am a guy in my soulI wanna be a manSoldier 1: I've never seen a guy so hotMulan: Time to reinvent the new meSoldier 2: Every time he speaks it makes me want to sing (I'm so confused)Soldier 1: Be quiet, or we'll get caughtSoldier 3: Maybe one day he'll screw meM: Now I really get why my nickname is PingI've gotta be a manI've got the brains and the bite of femalesPlus the brute and the brawn of dudesI know I'm ready for transformationIt's time to replace all these useless tubes(Good for you)Cinderella (A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes)The prince was absolutely the only single wish my heart madeGuess my wish came trueBut we never really talked muchBefore he discovered my shoeThe night after we got marriedI recounted all of my plightsOf how I fit inside a pumpkinMy canines turned to coachmenPrince threw me in Bedlam that nightThe white jackets say I'm nutty (she's nutty as a bat)Cause my clothes are sewn by rats (put some meds in her food)But their pills turn my brain to putty blargNow Lucifer's not just my cat (I AM SATAN)Their insulin puts me underShock therapy's made me insaneAnd after years of steady fryingThe doctors gave up tryingThey stuck 2 steel rods in my brainTiana (Dig a Little Deeper)I spent a bloomin lifetimeTo open my cafeThen I took a dive in 2005Now it's washed away (it's all washed away)I was picked up by a chopperAfter four nights on my roofNow my new home is the AstrodomeCause New Orleans ain't Katrina proofYa better carry 'round a shotgunOr looters take your kidsYa better pee inside of jam jarsBe sure to keep those lids (ew)We needed Noah but we got BushOur "savior" flew away and hidRough seas and levies, we're deadRough seas and levies, I'm deadElsa (Let It Go)There is no snow on the mountain tonightJust sulfur in the airA kingdom of greenhouse gasesOnly Bill Nye seems to careMy town is melting, breaking off into the seaIt's time I show the strength of an evil queenWith Germany and Putin, tooI'll free the penguins and throw you in a zooWe're going green by spilling redAnd if you're not deadI built a hoard of evil snowmenWe're gonna take over the worldLet it snow, let it snowNow Fox News will need heat lampsLet it snow, let it snowI hope you concentrate in camp (Heil Elsa)We don't care who we have to slayLet my troops march onThe cold's coming back and it's here to stayTiana: I sunk like a brickCinderella: Prince thinks I'm sickElsa: Ice is melting quickMulan: Now I have a lot of self esteem

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SHOCK THREAPY'S MADE ME INSANE~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >;3

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No I hate this as Disney gives us joy and hope

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Its kinda sad he didnt mention that tiana literally opened her resturant right before the great depression

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this is so creative

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I hope you consisn in camp

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My brain to putty

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i can't believe it's just one person

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am a guy

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im deeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaad

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HeReS wHaT hApPenD

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Fetch ‘tis Olaf’s one purpose

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Just sulfur in the air...

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Let it Snow

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i want to see someone turn this into a stage play or a short skit musical

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i am satan!

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in my soull

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he good at singing

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He forgot that she gets corona