I am planning on making a text based game but am unsure of a few bits. Firstly, which would be the simplest language to use in an offline form? Secondly, how can I make it more interactive(I.E buttons and small pictures). And finally, how can I make it easy to distribute and execute? Apologies if these are very newbish questions, I am just unsure where else to ask.

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It's kind of like what I am looking for. Except, I aim for much more text than actual pictures or anything. Just like icons and such.

Unless there was a lot of raw computation involved, I'd be inclined to do this sort of thing in HTML/Javascript. It's just so easy to use, has built-in text formatting and graphics support using well-known standards, and works pretty much anywhere.

if you really need it offline you can do it with every language you like

if not, id go web based

today noone really wants to download something and install/start a file, take a look at http://adarkroom.doublespeakgames.com/ and decide if that kind of text adventure is enough (you can ofc do more text / less interaction)


everyone can run it

easier to bring mobile

many more tutorials/guides available

no download

can be wrapped in a desktop application if its really necessary

easier to publish new versions

If you don't know a language, you should probably learn that first before jumping into making a game.

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I have been working on one myself over the past year. I did it in java building it up and reconstructing as the year went on if you would like I can show you what I have so far. I have classes to run dungeons, working inventory, equipping of items, character sets(paladin,rouge,warrior, etc, towns with working shops, a party system up to 4 members, working battles, enemy classes for basic enemies as well as a boss class and special enemies(have armour and weapon bonuses and can use spells), as well as a couple of other things. It seems easy at first but when you physically have to code out a base class for just about everything(weapon base class then create weapons from that and so on) it gets tedious and if you every want to add anything it is a little difficult to alter you might just have to go and restart from scratch.

I am working right now to change input of 1,2,3,4 options to buttons which is easy using JOptionPane and have working pictures that you just add the file name into battles and will display as well as in general with bufferimage method