Pet Healing Station is a station used for healing the health of pets contained in capture pods. It"s crafted at a Pet Station.

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And yes, that does mean that it can also very conveniently bring your captured pets, back from the dead.

The health can be viewed inside the player inventory window while the pet is out. Placing the capture pod in the healing station and clicking the "heal" button will return the creature inside to full health.

Racial Descriptions

Apex : Machines like these are used to heal captured creatures.
Avian : How useful, I can heal any creatures I capture with this.
Floran : Floran can keep creaturesss healed with this.
Glitch : Impressed. This device can heal any captured creatures.
Human : I can use this to heal any creature I"ve captured. Neat!
Hylotl : Such things are useful for ensuring excellent creature health.

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Novakid : I can use this here gadget to heal captured creatures.


File NameFile Path

File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem pethealingstation

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