So I am reading the english translation of The Tower of The Swallow published by Gollancz in the UK in 2016. It says that Hjalmar AND Ciri were fifteen when they were skating on Skellige so I got confused with their ages and looked it up and apparently Ciri was supposed to be 12 but that does not make sense either. According to the notes and references on the Wiki, Ciri's timeline is incorrect due to Ciri's stated ages throughout the books. How and why do you think Sapkowski screwed up her age?

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The ages are different in each translation. I've seen most people agree that Ciri was 16 at the end of the books and 21 in the games. She's for sure 21 in the games because her character entry says she was born in 1251 and the game takes place in 1272.

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Team Yennefer

The timeline is messed up between books and games. The most glaring example is the Battle of Brenna: 1265 in the games, 1268 in the books.

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Ciri was 16 at the end of "Lady of the Lake". She is 21 in the games. She was around 13 when she teleported off Thanedd Isle.

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The only reliable testimony of her age is Ciri herself. Anyone else in the books is just guessing, no matter how confident they are. We know Ciri's birthday is in May, during Belleteyn. In Blood of Elves, right after she, Geralt and Triss left Kaer Morhen at the beginning of spring (late March), in the chapter that they are riding with the dwarves and Triss is sick, there's a point which Ciri thought to herself:

Pah-pah! Exactly as if I were a child, she thought. And I’m almost thirteen and have a swift chestnut beneath me and a sharp sword across my back. And I’m not afraid of anything!

And it’s spring!

Later on, in those flashbacks with Yennefer about their time together at Melitele Temple, there was also the following dialogue:

“Lady Yennefer?”

“What now, ugly one?”

“How old were you when you became a wizard?”

“When I passed the preliminary exams? Thirteen.”

“Ha! Just like I am now! And how… How old were you when… No, I won’t ask about that—”


Thus, given that the events from Thanned took place in July, Ciri must have completed another birthday, so she is already fourteen in the beginning of Time of Contempt. And since we know that from the fourth book to the sixth it doesn't take more than 4 months, then she is still at the same age.