Horizon: Zero Dawn locks players out of the Mother"s Watch once they"ve cleared it, but there"s a way to get back in and grab any missed items.

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How to get back into Mother's Watch
Horizon: Zero Dawn has finally made its way to PC players, but now many of those players are repeating the same mistakes which PS4 users made back in 2017. One example of this is leaving the Mother"s Watch too early, particularly before getting the Power Cell that is found inside.

Players wanting to unlock Horizon: Zero Dawn"s secret armor, the Ancient Shield-Weaver Armor, will need to collect five Power Cells scattered throughout the map. While most of these can be obtained relatively easily, the one found in the Mother"s Watch area is locked off if the player doesn"t get it the first time they enter.

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It"s worth noting that by the end of Horizon: Zero Dawn the temple will reopen and the player can get back in to retrieve the power cell. That said, for those not wanting to wait that long, there are some alternate methods of getting in. This method in particular can be done without the use of any wall breaches.

The video above shows the exact route players must take if they wish to climb the mountain that surrounds Mother"s Watch and re-enter the temple, but there are some things to note. First, players will need one of Horizon: Zero Dawn"s mounts in order to use this method, as there are certain invisible barriers on the route which block Aloy if she"s on foot but not while she"s on a mount for some reason. Second, the path is treacherous, so it would be wise to save before attempting it.

Finally, this method will require an abundance of patience, as there are a lot of portions that require the player to find a sweet spot when making a jump. Even in the video showing the method it takes several tries, so for players that have never done this before, such as those playing Horizon: Zero Dawn"s PC port, it may end up taking even longer. The best thing to do is to keep trying and cross reference the video to make sure the player is heading in the correct direction.

Eventually, the player will work their way all the way around the mountain and enter the town from above and behind, at which point they can simply walk back into the temple. Once inside, take the door on the right and continue on down the hallway. Make the first left and that will lead to the Power Cell that allows the player to unlock the Shield-Weaver armor.

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After obtaining it, the only way to exit the town is to fast travel out.