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The tier 10 meta is so boring because ships like the henri, yoshino and smolensk are around. Most BB enganegments happen around 20km + and they mostly use HE anyway. The only tier 10 ships that bother shooting AP is Yamato for obvious reasons and Des Moines due to heavy american AP and of course, the one CA i enjoy fighting the Venezia. Honestly i dont mind only shooting HE, but the amount of fires it causes it ridiculous and the only BB capable of withstanding all the HE is Kremlin, and its why all the Toxic HE Spamming cruisers want to nerf it because the BB"s finally have a ship that can slap those op cruisers. Another ship that is so ridicolous is the Thunderer, its like no one has ever bothered to shoot AP in it, and the playstyle is just an accurate conqueror. Its just so frustrating trying to 1v1 a conqueror in a GK or Kremlin because all the Conqueror has to do is kite away, start fires, and if you citadel it, it can repair most of its health again, while it still shreds you to pieces. Another line that was appealing was German Cruisers with big AP dmg values, but oh no, of course no one bothers with the AP because shooting HE and starting fires requires NO SKILL. Being able to play as a stealthy cruiser and getting onto BB and CA flank to destroy them with AP is too much effort so instead kiting away while starting fires is fun. CV isnt as OP as it was, but i find that the constant Plane spotting contributes to this new toxic HE meta where kiting and fires is all there is. Another thing i wanted to mention is earlier today i was in my kremlin taking advantage of a flank and getting so good citadel broadsides, I was being focused so I asked the Yoshino and Salem behind me to support me, instead the Salem turns full broadside and gets deleted and the Yoshino just runs away, and to no surprise the enemy team took the cap and won the game. Im just sick of this meta and the only real way this meta could possible change is making AP more appealing choice and either nerfing Fire damage or introducing SAP to all nations.

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Sorry about the rant, its just frustrating to play this game all the time with this meta at tier 10. Whats your thoughts on my opinion?