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Shaving Cream-chan is a moe anthropomorphic representation of shaving cream created by fans of YouTube personality Bijuu Mike.


On January 3rd, 2018, YouTube personality Bijuu Mike uploaded a video discussing the Eating Tide PODS meme, talking specifically about Tide POD-chan. In the video, he implored his followers to try and make eating shaving cream a meme. The video gained over 147,000 views (shown below).

That day, Twitter user
miii_mika<1> posted a rendering of "Shaving Cream-chan in the replies to a Bijuu Mike tweet (shown below).



Several Bijuu Mike fans answered his request for Shaving Cream memes with pictures of Shaving Cream-chan. On January 4th, DeviantArt user o-Ironical-O posted an anthropomorphized drawing of shaving cream<2> (shown below, left). On January 6th, user DaisyLaze<3> did the same. As of January 9th, 2018, there are 56 pieces of artwork under the #shavingcreamchan tag on Instagram. <3>


On January 8th, Bijuu Mike uploaded a video of himself reacting to Shaving Cream-chan, gaining over 92,000 views, as well as the recent trend of Gijinka drawings.



What If…? is Marvel"s animated alternate reality series everyone"s talking about. Here"s where all those new Marvel memes are coming from.

Your Politics Bore Me refers to a viral quote from Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy in which Thanos sits on a throne and says "Your politics bore me". The meme grew in popularity as it became attributed to an image of a kid sitting on a pepsi throne.

A single verb in its imperative form, the word "normalize" has appeared in dozens of viral tweets in the past three years, capturing the very essence of Twitter PSAs. It has lost a good chunk of its earnestness in the process, but hey, at least there are some sweet cat macros with it now.

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