A fireman with a smouldering personality is the protagonist of the Fire in His Fingertips anime. I bet you will be fired up for the second season of this cute romantic anime! (pun intended)

When Ryo, an office-lady, is trapped in a building on fire, she is saved by her childhood friend Souma, a fire-fighter.

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With an undeniably hot smile, this firefighter is aiming for Ryo’s heart, and before she can even realize it, she falls for him too.

The official website of Fire in His Fingertips has announced that the second season of the anime will premiere in July 2021. The second season is titled “Fire in His Fingertips 2: My Lover is a Firefighter.”

The anime belongs to the ComicFesta brand. Like any other series that belongs to Comic Festa, the anime was produced in two versions. The first is a regular TV broadcast version, while the second is a complete version.

The complete version of the anime contains all the sexual content, and it is streamed on the website of ComicFesta.




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