Well... thanks to college I missed the ordering the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition back when it went up for preorder in November.

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To make it even worse, I am in Canada. Nintendo doesn't have a very good track record of keeping these types of things supplied here in my country, special edition or not :P.

Does anybody know if special editions will be available for purchase on release day? If Nintendo is still making them?

I know there have probably been a thousand threads answering this, so I am sorry if this is kinda redundant. Thanks for your answers!


The last thread that asked this, people seemed to think there would be some on release day. I personally don't think so, though, but it could just depend location. I'd ask the game stores closest to you what they think

Same boat as you (except US), and I'm hoping my local store will have some copies. My SO's birthday is in February and their favorite video game franchise is Fire Emblem, so I really want to get the special edition for them. I'll settle for two physical copies, but I would like to avoid any downloads if possible.

Sorrow because I'll never get one. But the 60 dollar editions come with download codes and are otherwise similar minus the 3 week wait for the DLC, so I'm not too bothered.

The EB Games Twitter recently posted that they had the Special Edition back in stock online, I think on Friday. Unfortunately they were all gone within a minute. I totally feel your pain, and I hate how something like a preorder is limited quantities now. I remember a time when preorders were used as tools to help companies determine the popularity of something, not how it is now lol.

If you cant get any on release day your probably out of luck. You can still just buy both games and dwl revelations and save a couple of dollars (i think about 5?)

Well, I live in an English-speaking Asian country where the SE stock is MISERABLE.

I was lucky to get a preorder (albeit at a currently undetermined price) because a smaller shop was finally allocated stock and just opened preorders...but they ran out of their stock within the hour.

A stock of about 6 copies of the SE. =_=

In reference to your question - the best bet is usually to find a store that doesn't hold or hasn't held preorders? Where I live that usually means they just throw the SE out into the wild open.

From what I have gathered there was a mistake in the US recently with some of the Gamestop orders that were placed in store after the ones online were sold out. Some Gamestops offered orders past these dates in-store, but later found out that they weren't supposed to be doing so and had to inform the purchasers... I was on of those unfortunately : / What I ended up doing though is (I have Amazon Prime) ordered the physical games separately and received the 20% discount off of them through this. Then I moved the preorder money I already placed down on the Special Edition (that I would no longer be getting) to that DLC story thing that would have come with the Special Edition to begin with. In the end I pretty much got the same deal (without the art book, which as an artist myself still stings a bit) for the price I would have paid in the end. I did find out though because I acted very rationally about the entire ordeal they are putting aside some of the character key chains at Gamestop for me...even though I technically did not order the actual games from them but instead the DLC... so that raised my spirits a tad at least.

Overall I personally do not believe there will be any on release day, at least not from any of the retail stores. Keep an eye on Amazon maybe would be my best guess, if you don't mind having to wait a bit maybe? I just wanted a sureness that I had the games coming to me on release date.

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Hopefully this helps anybody that may be curious. It's possible it is different in other countries or other parts of the US, but as far as my area is concerned there is pretty much no hope for any more Special Editions... right away at least. Who knows perhaps they will be restocked a bit after the actual release, because I am sure Nintendo realized they sold like hotcakes.

(Here's to hoping I can somehow get my hands on maybe a pdf file at least of the art book though :( I am sad about not getting that. The case I could live without, I own the first gen 3DS anyway so yeah...)