During the 2nd phase, leave one person confused (preferably a caster), then Greg won't toad or mini everyone.

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Not a huge deal, but it'll shave at least a minute off the time!


This is ideal in theory, but people who are content on going autopilot will ignore this mechanic.

At least it's not as bad as people wiping the raid in LotA because they want to squeak in some extra DPS and not run to the pads when they're supposed to. Saving time, right.

Last night in Syrcus Tower, a similar thing can happen with Glasya Labolas (the 2nd boss). We got him down to 2%, then the 3 robot adds appeared. People kept pounding on the boss trying to finish him off, not realizing that he reflects all damage until all 3 robots are taken care of. I'm fairly certain if I wasn't playing a tank and pulling those adds into their kill zones, we might've just wiped instead.

I did this once and got yelled at for the entire fight. I get yelled at if I don't do it too. You people can't be satisfied. :S

Apparently, you can do the same thing in big keep by keeping people mini?

Can't say I noticed much of a difference though

Keeping people mini might work, I haven't noticed.. but keeping someone confused on the Big Bridge fight ABSOLUTELY makes a difference. Half the raid being turned into chickens for 30 seconds (essentially stopping all dps) makes the fight last longer than being able to just burn him down

In the first encounter, if you keep 2 people tethered together then Greg won't do the rest of his mechanics and turn everyone into chickens. The only catch is that this only works for 60 seconds, but that's usually enough time to dps Enkidu down. That usually speeds up the fight by about a minute or two.

He won't turn people into chickens and pop up those annoying whirlwinds in phase 1 if at least one pair of players are still Mini-tethered. Since Mini doesn't affect healing and healers are always targeted for it, you're pretty much getting just a slightly gimped DPS.

It depends on who is confused and who they're attacking. This is not always a feasible strategy. The confusion also adds a berserk element, and physical dps can easily start killing people, tanks included, if left in this state. When half my static was light farming, we had one healer who didn't know how to dispell the confuse, and half the party wound up dead because we were beating the hell out of each other.

IF one of the confused is a caster, it's great, and this strat is reliable. But unless a physical DPS is a weakling, it's generally best to do the fight as intended rather than risk death.

With iLvs where they are now. Unless you have a healer asleep at the wheel, or both healers happen to be ilv50 you should have no trouble healing through someone's autoattack.

Just have a WHM throw regen/medica 2. Problem solved.

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Only exception can be if it's a (geared) melee/BRD, and/or healers don't heal the target of the confused player, had 2 wipes because both healers were adamant about leaving them be, killed one healer and 2 other DPS. So that was fun, but it can vary how much time is shaved off, I'll have some groups that take longer one way or the other. Can confirm that leaving one set of linked people Minied in Big Keep does stop the phase change though.


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