Hi all, I"m sure this is probably on this forum but not really sure how to describe it other than it looks like sh**. I haven"t played FO4 awhile and went to play it today. I can not get over 30 FPS (my monitor is a 144) and it like I said looks horrible. I am also playing Skyrim locked at 60 FPS and GTA5 at around 90 FPS and they are both working and looking fine. I have not gotten in to the .Ini files as I don"t want to screw stuff up.

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  Any ideas??

MoBo-Asus z170-a

CPU- i7-6700k

GPU GTX 960 SC x2 Sli

RAM- 32 Gb DDR4 2400 

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Try this ;http://www.hyakkendana-hashigozake.com...t4/mods/22053/? As for your fps your could try optimized textures or Shadow Boost.



check your nivida control panel and make sure its not set to adapted? you can use nividia inspector to set max framrate and turn off vsync. maybe a sli problem? maybe ini? i would recommend using nividia inspector.

Make sure your screen refresh rate isn"t at 60 Hertz.  I had mine set that way to lock Skyrim at 60 fps, but it locked FO4 at 30 fps.


The latest patch caused that brightness bug for me.  Disabling god rays and using a darker ENB/ReShade resolved most of the issues for me.  Because the god rays keep turning back on, I added sStartingConsoleCommand=gr off under General in my fallout4.ini to it turns off when I log in.

Thanks for the reply"s, I have been messing with a few things this morning. I think what is the most puzzling is that I have had this game from day one and the game has always played fine. Any how I got the FPS at 30 thing fixed. I went to NVidia control panel  and turned "triple buffering" on, set "maximum pre-rendered frames" to 1 and turned "Vertical sync" on. Don"t recall where I seen this but it worked. Also another thing I did notice is the load screen looks great (not sure if that matters but...) it"s just in game. I did travel to a few places to see if it was different but it is the same everywhere. I tried it with the SLI disabled and enabled, on ultra high al the way down to low. I turned down the brightness of the monitor from 75 to 50 to 25, nope. I even messed with the contrast. Turned "Godrays" off (it was on) and didn"t help )o: My refresh rate is set to 144. I even set my CPU back to 4.0GHz, had it set at 4.5.

LobbyUP not sure what you mean by "Adapted" I looked in the control panel and did not see it, not saying it"s not there, just I didn"t see it.

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 Will keep plugging away at it till I get it fixed, love the game so would love to get it solved . Thanks again for the help and any future help.