To sell stolen goods in ESO, you will have to locate a Fence Merchant. Fence NPCs can be found inside an Outlaws Refuge. These fence merchants trade gold for your stolen goods, launder items, and pay down bounties. There is a cap on how many goods you can sell per day, so its advised to sell your goodies from best (most expensive) to worst (least expensive).

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Fence merchants will:

Exchange gold for stolen itemsAccept payment to remove your bounty (thus removing criminal status)Allow players to launder stolen items

In addition to selling goods to the fencer, they will also launder items. This process converts an item from stolen to not stolen (IDK what else to call it). For example, if you steal lock picks from an NPC, head over to a fence, locate the launder tab, and pay the price of the item. This will make the item legit and unable to be taken from you if a guard catches you with a bounty. 



In addition to trading your stolen goods for gold, a Fence merchant will give you the option to pay down your bounty. If you have a bounty, upon first speaking with the fence merchant this option will become available. There are passive skills in the Legerdemain skill tree and the Thieves Haven skill tree that can lower the percentage of the bounty you will have to pay. In addition, these skill trees have many different passives that all aid in the efforts of committing crimes.

List of all Outlaw’s Refuge Locations


To locate an Outlaw’s Refuge look inside major cities. Unfortunately, there is not an Outlaw Refuge in every city. However, when you do find a city with a refuge, you will see a three leafed icon usually in two locations within that same city. This is because most refugees have two secret entrances. Each entrance will be unique and creative. For example, the entrance may be an inconspicuous pipe at the edge of the city, or a sewage grate. The only indicator will be the symbol and the interaction that pops up when you get close enough.

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Cities with an Outlaw’s Refuge:

Alik’r DesertSentinel Outlaws Refuge AuridonVulkhel Guard Outlaws Refuge BangkoraiEvermore Outlaws RefugeClockwork CitySlag Town Outlaws Refuge CraglornBelkarth Outlaws RefugeDeshaanMournhold Outlaws RefugeEastmarchWindhelm Outlaws Refuge GlenumbraDaggerfall Outlaws Refuge Gold Coast – Anvil Outlaws RefugeGrahtwoodElden Root Outlaws RefugeGreenshadeMarbruk Outlaws Refuge Hew’s BaneThieves Den Malabal TorVelyn Harbor Outlaws Refuge Northern ElsweyrRimmen Outlaws Refuge Reaper’s MarchRawl’kha Outlaws Refuge RivenspireShornhelm Outlaws Refuge ShadowfenStormhold Outlaws Refuge StonefallsDavon’s Watch Outlaws RefugeStormhavenWayrest Outlaws Refuge SummersetAlinor Outlaws RefugeThe RiftRiften Outlaws RefugeVvardenfellVivec City Outlaws Refuge WrothgarOrsinium Outlaws Refuge

For more information on these locations, checkout the Wiki.