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SynopsisReid, one of the six great heroes of legend, lost his life during a fight with a demon. Floating around in the afterlife, he met a suspicious goddess who assured him that he would live once again. When Reid opened his eyes, he discovered that he was reborn as a baby. Moreover, as the daughter of his former fellow comrades.While Reid initially struggled to become a hero in his former life due to his half-demon heritage, he realizes that he has been reborn as the daughter of the legendary hero and the powerful saint. With the experience he gained from his past life, as well as the talents inherited from her parents, Nicole aims to become a hero yet again.(Source: MangaDex)


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That's...really funny. This manga literally bashed by readers. Somebody couldn't handle the fact that a grown man turning a little girl as his friends child after his death.Yeah yeah i know. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth. But you CAN'T give a 4 or 5 because of this. That's just the plot story and it's not even that bad. For the God's sake, this website gave a 9 to a story about titans eating humans and made it's manga the most popular in the world. In this manga:-We see balanced power levels, unlike other isekai/reincarnation manga's.-Characters has common sense. -There is no ecchi. -MC is OP, but isn't a Mary Sue. (Again, unlike other isekai's)-Maybe it's not aiming for the top storywise but we still can't guess what will be happen in the next arc.So this s*it deserves 7 at least. In my opinion it should have been 7,25-7,45. It's your classic half-enjoyable time killer manga. You can try if you don't have anything to read.