Answered August 27, 2019

After interview you do background check right then if you pass and you go to orientation you have the job no company is going to have u do all the hiring paperwork for no reason I’ve worked for ups twice seasonal and that’s how it works. Just keep calling

Answered January 24, 2019Yeah I’m in the same boat as you. They honestly should have done something normal and less “giving your hopes up type feel” as in after the interview it’s a yes or a no, not a “oh yes you have to come here at 4am and stay here for hours and fill out a ton of paper work”. Like what? Sorry but I just would rather be told right away and straight forward if I’m getting a job or not.

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Answered November 29, 2018I texted and called and made sure i sold myself i said when can i start and can i start before next friday and they said i can start tomorrow. i was persistent.

Answered October 24, 2018Same thing for me. I went to orientation but still haven't heard from them. I've emailed the HR person and all he says " they will get in touch with you" and still haven't.

Answered March 12, 2018I had this same problem with a firm . I wenr to drug testing they even drove me to orientation and told me we will get back in touch with you after orientation . I have never heard of this process ??? Usually when a company spends money on you, and sends you to orientation its a "green light" . It sounds like Bad Management to me. OBV something happend whiich rhey did not like otherwise they wouldnt have brushed me turn off .... Will call you tells me they are no longer interested . People should not treat people this means . Its either a yes were hiring you, or no were not ! Not hard ! Lol I am going to call their HR and get an answer to find out what happend . AND I SHOULD BE PAID for the orientation class since i did waste my time with them.

Answered February 10, 2017 - Team Member (Former Employee) - Durham, NCOrientation does not mean you got the job. It means you can be selected at random to come in to work.

Answered February 9, 2017 - Loader/Unloader (Former Employee) - Dallas, TXIf you have not yet received any notice that you are hired it is best to call HR to see the status of your application.

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Answered January 12, 2017 - Delivery Driver Assistant (Seasonal) (Former Employee) - Tulsa, OKThe company was great, and still is. As far as individual experience, the work environment was 2nd to none. It was professional, polite, moderately accommodating to fit my schedule needs, and the staff even had personality! As far as man power, one who is pursuing a position with UPS must understand that it may only hire - for instance - x20 driver helpers, or x30, or whatever it needs for that holiday season, so it stands to reason that if you do not get a call to work on a given day, that means they've got all the help they need for that given day. The pursuing associate must persistently call morning by morning for work, or they could also get phone calls from drivers that may need the extra help for a given day. Be patient. Pray.

Answered January 5, 2017 - Driver (Current Employee) - Commerce City, CO 80022They are horrible about getting back to you in a timely manner and do not give you the time to give the other company a two week notice like i asked them to. They call you out of the blue and tell you to come in to go to work....worst company ever!!!!!!