THIS week on Love Island we were treated to Josh sucking Samira’s toes in a game of dares.

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Ok so this was a dare but it doesn’t detract from the fact that toe sucking can be a thoroughly enjoyable part of foreplay.


Love Island viewers watched as Josh sucked Samira's toe as part of a game of truth or dareCredit: ITV

The art of toe sucking, or shrimping if you want the technical term is a fine one.

While some people are grossed out by the thought, it’s an incredibly intimate act and can be extremely sexy, if done right!

We’ve all had that ‘Ahhhh’ moment when getting a foot rub, well imagine that but warmer, wetter and with a happier ending.

Toe sucking feels good because we have tonnes of nerve endings there, in fact we have more nerve endings per square centimetre in our feet than any other part of our body.


CBB's Andrew Brady sucks Rachel Johnson's toes as he gives her a foot massageCredit: Channel 5

All of these nerve endings are ripe for stimulation and with the right technique and partner it can take your foreplay from one to one hundred in a matter of moments.

Here are my easy steps (pardon the pun!) to first class foot fornication.

1. The feet need foreplay

Feet need foreplay too so you shouldn’t dive straight into toe sucking.

Take it slowly and ‘prepare’ the feet. If you jump straight in the likelihood of laughter is increased, which can diminish sensuality in an instant.

Start with a foot massage, working your fingertips into the skin in soft, circular movements.

You may want to include an edible massage oil or lubricant for added glide.

2. Introduce lip action

Mouth to mouth, or foot in this case. Once your partner is relaxed and used to the sensations of having their feet played with you can introduce your lips.

Kiss, lick and nibble the feet first, slowly making your way towards their toes.


Keith Lemon sucks Nihyakkendana-hashigozake.comle Scherzingers toes on Celebrity JuiceCredit: ITV

3. Start with the big toe

Because the big toe is, well the biggest, it’s easiest to start with that.

Gently take your partner’s big toe in your mouth and suck gently.

Remember to gauge your partner’s reactions to see if this is working for them, taking time out to ask ‘is this ok’ or ‘do you like that’ is not only advisable but also a great way to learn what works for your partner.

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Before you start you’ll need to make sure that the toes to be sucked are nice and clean, you might want to kick things off early with a romantic shower together, cleaning up before you get dirty is a great way to ensure your foot play is nice, hygienic and thoroughly fabulous.




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