Bungie discovers the root cause of Destiny 2"s ongoing problems with the Obelisk in the EDZ but won"t have a fix until January.

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Destiny 2"s new Obelisk network, introduced with the Season of Dawn just recently, is proving to be a popular activity for players. Not only does it offer a robust system of progression for endgame players looking for compelling content, but the rewards are of reasonable value, too. It"s unfortunate then that one of Destiny 2"s new obelisks seems to be having major issues. The Obelisk in the EDZ isn"t working for many players and, unfortunately, it seems it"ll be stuck like that through the holiday.

Almost a week ago, Bungie first confirmed that there were problems with the EDZ Obelisk. The problem had been ongoing for some time at that point, however. Bungie went into investigative mode to discover the origin of the problem. The problem being that the EDZ Obelisk was entirely noninteractive. At the time, Bungie recommended that players either re-enter the area, return to Orbit, or clear their console"s cache to temporarily fix the problem.

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Bungie has no provided an update to their investigation, which given how long it took must have been more complicated than meets the eye. "We believe we have identified the root cause of the "interact" issue with the EDZ Obelisk," Bungie confirmed on Twitter today. A fix, however, wouldn"t be available for the issue until January. Bungie"s new solution is for players to repeatedly fast travel to "The Gulch" location until they find a working Obelisk.

The problem regarding the fix is that, as Destiny 2 players likely understand, it"s the holidays. Bungie, like most everyone else, is celebrating with their families or enjoying some time off to relax. Since there"s a workable solution for the EDZ Obelisk, even though it"s annoying, the bug isn"t a huge priority, and understandably so.

In the meantime, Destiny 2 players can focus on progressing their other Obelisks in the network. There are plenty of bonuses for earning more materials, rewards for bounties, or just awesome new gear to acquire. Considering how many issues Destiny 2 has had with making compelling vendors and progression systems, the Obelisks are a wonder.

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Even with the EDZ Obelisk being bugged, it"s unlikely Destiny 2 players would trade them for anything else.