The staff have always been helpful to me. I have turned to CG&G many times when most other big gun stores didn’t have what I was looking for. I have been happy every time I visit this store! Give them a chance, we all learn, be patient. Locked and Loaded

This is my first time buying a gun. Brian was so helpful in explaining to a novice which gun would be best for me. I have issues with my hands and he took the time to listen to my concerns, and he was not pushy. I found the perfect one for me. Thank you Brian.

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I love coming here for all my firearms needs. When I first moved to North Carolina, before I even bought my first gun, my boyfriend showed me this place, and I talked to them for hours, had a great conversation, and they were so helpful in familiarizing me with firearms laws in the state. The people who work here are so friendly, professional, and customer oriented. I, rightfully so, have trust in the store and its employees. Wish I could give 10 stars

I’ll be honest; after seeing some of these negative reviews I was hesitant to send my firearm transfer here. I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was very peaceful and the employees were very helpful. As a first time gun buyer this was a huge plus. I am sad to see other review being so negative, and I hope what they experienced was resolved, but my (one) experience here was entirely positive.Edit: I have been here one more time and I still think this is a good store. Employees are very nice and helpful.

Staff was rude and had no knowledge of firearms or firearm accessories! The old sh!?bird at the counter just walked away when I asked him a question. When I did get service the kid trying to help me had no knowledge of the items they were selling at all! The prices were also outrageous, even for the times! If you want good service from a knowledgeable staff go to Asheville Armory!

This place is just... wow. What a downward spiral. The prices, and staff, were much better when the place opened. Didnt think this would be the place to see gouged prices, but if thats an indicator of struggling, then Im glad to see this place going under. Bring back 2013 CGG!EDIT: Seeing the owners reply below (Is that you Steve?), they seem to be using a blanket excuse to take advantage of the community during a pandemic in order to make a buck. Oh yeah, super justified. Not to mention, they didnt even address their absolutely abysmal customer service as of late in their post. What an owner.

Not sure why they have negative posts I went in there yesterday for the 1st time and it was a pleasant experience. I was just looking for some 9m and part .380, picked up 2 boxes of 9m unfortunately they were out of .380. Was treated very well and will return.

This place is a joke, the staff act like tough guys and dont know anything about firearms. Stood at the counter for a while waiting to be helped, took 5 minutes for someone to day anything to me. Your better off dealing on Armslist.

Rude employees, just absolutely rude. Seems like they don’t want to be bothered to do their job, that the owner pays them to do. Maybe look into getting staff that actually helps your customers. The only thing good about this store is the 6 month layaway. My fiancé has spent THOUSANDS of Dollars here and we still get treated horribly. That’s ok though we will highly consider no longer conducting business at this establishment. Possibly.

Most of the staff was rude, disengaged, and not as knowledgeable as they think. Which explains the higher prices on everything in the store when demand is high you can do whatever. However they are slightly more stocked than the average store in the area.

Super helpful staff! They take the time to make sure you find what you need. If the item is not there they’ll try to get it for you.

I walked into this establishment with the intent to buy many accessories and possibly a firearm as well. I was very excited to visit and walked in with high hopes. Unfortunately, my experience was anything but inviting or pleasant. When i entered Carolina Guns and Gear i was not greeted or even simply seen by any of the staff members despite the fact only four other individuals occupied the building. I wondered the meager supplies and overpriced goods for upwards of ten minutes never once being offered assistance or even a simple hello. After a while of waiting patiently at the front counter, i simply left and decided that this business was, in fact, just a place for old men to feel good about themselves, and not to do actual business with enthusiastic customers. If you would like to feel welcome and invited in an environment you feel comfortable in then i strongly suggest that you find another business for sure.

I understand that the coronavirus has made the store limit its occupation capacity.What I dont get is the unfriendly response that the staff has to give. I was told by the staff that I couldnt enter with my daughter. That they are over capacity right now. So we waited outside for people to leave . After two people left we tried to re-enter the store and once again told that we cannot enter just yet, but while standing outside and waiting on them to give us a response to come in. They allowed three other people into the building.If you are trying to get your child in the firearms. I do not recommend this store.They seem to treat anyone with a child with disrespect. They clearly didnt want me to bring my child into the store to look around. Im disappointed in the customer service I had received in previous times oh, but this was just the icing on the cake. I dont see myself returning to this store. They have clearly shown to me that they are not a family-friendly facility.Whether or not you believe that a child should be allowed into a store like this is up to you. But for me I want my child to understand Firearms so that way theyre not afraid to be around them and that way they hold them with respect.

Thanks! Great stock great people. No reason to go to a big box store again. Shop local and keep safe.

I just want to say thank you to Ben for his help and all the staff. This was my first time in the store I walked in they had exactly what I had been look for Smith 44 mag revolver excellent price I was very pleased with my experience here and would highly recommend this store great selection on guns and ammo everyone here treated me like I was a regular customer I will definitely be back my experience was top notch 10 stars thanks again to everyone you do a awesome job

Staff extremely rude. I have never been treated with this much disrespect in a retail setting . I guess they do not want any business from a women. Prices were high.

Came in and purchased a CZ75b right around Christmas. Can’t remember the name of the guy I was dealing with but he was very knowledgeable and a great salesman. The store seems to have a good variety of guns to fit whoevers needs. This was one of the few places I stopped into and found that there prices and service were the best so I came back. Will also be back when the wife lets me.

Im a long haired fellow that one could easily profile as a hippie . I also work hard and love guns and own several of them. The manager wouldnt look me in the eye or hardly give me the time of day at all. I will be taking my business elsewhere. Shopping in store is a courtesy to local business owners. I can give most of their inventory for 15 to 20% cheaper online.

Customer service is as poor as it gets. Some lug packing a Glock19 standing guard like the place was Fort Knox. Backed off when askinga basic question. Ill never darken the door again. If they go out of businessthey deserve it.

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I went in this afternoon to look some 9mm for my wife, and a AR for myself. The service was terrible to the point my wife and I just left. I had signaled a sales rep to see the weapons, he ignored me and began to help a gentleman looking for a holster. I believe part of it was racially motivated, but I could be wrong.