7 Days to Die: How to Survive The Seventh Night Horde Upgrade your base, run away on a bike, or stay and fight to survive the Blood Moon Horde on the seventh night in 7 Days to Die.

7 Days to Die Blood Moon Horde
7 Days to Die is a survival horror game, developed by The Fun Pimps, that encourages players to survive as long as possible in a post-apocalyptic zombie hellscape. Players can play solo or with friends to fight off the hordes of zombies that come after them and threaten their existence. The Seventh Night Horde is a horde of zombies that are more determined than usual to reach players and take them out.

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The Seventh Night Horde, or the Blood Moon Horde, occurs on a seven-day cycle. Depending on a player’s game settings, Blood Moon Horde zombies may even run faster than normal night zombies. Zombies will dig or climb whatever structures they can to get to the player. There will be multiple notifications throughout the day to warn the player that the Blood Moon Horde will attack later that night. Blood Moon Horde starts at 2200 and stops at 0400 the next morning. The size of the horde depends on the number of players participating, the game stage (your level), and difficulty levels.There are multiple waves to the horde, and if an entire wave is killed, then there might be a slight pause. If players can’t kill the wave in time for the next scheduled wave, it will stop spawning to make way for the next one. At 0400, the zombies spawned during the horde will stop targeting the player and will return to normal behavior. The Blood Moon Horde can be turned off, can be scheduled to occur after a different amount of time, or have a range of days that it can occur in, but many players consider this to be a welcome challenge. Learn more about how to survive the Blood Moon Horde below.

Players can build bases and defenses to protect themselves against the Blood Moon Horde. Building one underground or up high can slow them down, as they will need to figure out how to get to you, but they will still have the ability to dig or climb, depending on the version of the game that players are using. Making a bunker deep in the earth may be helpful to some, as every time a zombie falls a great distance they lose a third of their health. So, if a zombie falls three times, they’re no longer an issue. Some players recommend building a base several blocks high and making a ladder for the horde to try to climb, allowing players to pick them off one by one, or converting a Point of Interest into a base.Converting a POI into a base and removing entrances like stairs can make it very difficult for the Blood Moon Horde to get to the player. Hide on the top floor with your weapon ready. Make sure that there is an escape route built nearby. Once the sun is up, players can take an escape route out and pick off the zombies when they are no longer hyper-aware of the player’s location.Making a maze is a way to slow down zombies. Players can choose to take the higher ground and block off their entrance with walls. Zombies will automatically take the path of least resistance and go around obstacles, letting players take their time picking them off from above. Placing traps in the maze can also ensure that they won’t have an opportunity to reach the character.Make repairs to the base whenever you have an opening to fortify it. Bases can also be fortified with defensive spikes made out of a variety of materials. They can also be used to make traps for zombies. Pitfalls and obstacles can help funnel zombies to one area, in conjunction to spikes. Other ways to protect a dystopian fortress are to build trenches and bridges that can provide some much-needed protection.

7 Days to Die Vehicle
Run as far as possible starting at 2200. Players should make sure their player is well fed and hydrated without any heavy armor if they wish to employ this tactic. This will put a lot of space between the player and the horde, giving them time to spare between attacks. Use structures and POI to your advantage to slow them down. If the player’s Gamestage is higher, they should have a base prepared and start as far away from it as possible at 2200. Then, they can run to the base and use it for cover.Players can also use vehicles like the minibike to outrun the horde, as long as they don’t get caught up on the terrain and stick to a clear open road. Other vehicles that can be used are the 4x4 truck, the motorcycle, the bicycle, and the gyrocopter. All of these vehicles can be crafted using different materials. If a vehicle does get caught up in the surrounding shrubbery, hop off and run for as long as possible.

Players can equip their characters with better weapons and skills so that they can fight out in the open against the Blood Moon Horde. Climbing on top of tall structures and using exploding ammo can be super effective in taking out Blood Moon Hordes. Turrets and explosives like grenades, dynamite, and timed charges are also weapons that can make a huge impact on a player’s chance of survival. In a pinch, many tools can also be used as weapons. Sledgehammers are a wonderful way to dispatch incoming waves of Blood Moon Horde zombies.

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Use what you learned in the guide above to stay alive in 7 Days to Die. When in doubt, test out different strategies in creative mode. Once you get the hang of it, you may even want Blood Moon Hordes to occur more frequently as a challenge.

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7 Days To Die is available on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and PlayStation 4