Kiting – the activity of flying a kite on a string is a simple activity for a lot of kids around the world. The entire fun revolves around keeping a fixed distance between yourself and the kite with a little help of wind that pushes a kite away from you.

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You might have heard the term being used in League of Legends as well. The meaning attached to it is very similar to the one we are used to, but the kite in this situation is not your toy it’s the enemy trying to kill you, whom you have to keep fixed distance from.


In essence kiting in LoL is an art of running away from enemy while applying damage to the enemy to discourage him from chasing you or killing him before he can get to you.

Here is an amazing example of what I mean from the one and only Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk from Gen.G, you will be able to see this player at 2020 worlds so stay tuned for more of this amazing mechanics in action.

Attack move is one of the most important features that’s hidden inside League of Legends key binding settings. Whenever you see a normal cursor change to the crosshair cursor in the clip above it means that Ruler is using attack move.

This feature is used by almost every ADC player at higher elo, because it requires smaller precision of your clicks and is much more forgiving to mistakes.

Right Mouse Button issues this command:

Move here and if I’m targeting an enemy entity auto attack instead of moving.

Attack Move means:

Attack move gives command to attack any target that’s closest to where you clicked with my mouse.

When you read this it might sound like a small change not worth the hassle of getting used to yet another setting in already very complicated game. Let me explain the few most important reasons why you should consider it:

One of the most common mistakes I see in lower elo games is ADCs moving to the enemy instead of moving away from him, this is usually caused by miss clicking next to the champion the player wanted to target. This issue doesn’t exist for most high elo players because they use only attack move. If you are an ADC player you know what I’m talking about.You don’t have to move your mouse as much and can focus on where you want to go if you don’t have to target anyone specifically and just want to output damage to the nearest target.You can almost permanently have your attack range shown on the screen to apply pressure with your range with more precision. Yes you heard me right keep reading to find out how to get this secret setting that some people use scripts for. Just for clarity this is done without any 3rd party tools and is allowed by Riot Games.
Attack move example
No attack move, the auto attack range is from an auto move setting. You would normaly not see it.

How to set up an attack move

The basic settings of attack move are available by pressing escape -> hotkeys -> player movement.


Here you will be able to see a few options of attack movement:

Player Attack Move Click – Is the smart cast version of Player Attack move. No auto-attack range is shown and you don’t have to confirm where you want to attack with LMB. Your character will attack the target closest to you by default. The simple and straight forward solution that most people use.Player Attack Only Click – This version won’t move you to your target if it’s outside of your range and will only issue the command if there is something to attack. Player Attack Move – This is a not smarcast version of Attack move click. So every time you press this button you will have to confirm with LMB the target.

Attack move modifiers

On top of 3 different attack move options, you can modify it further by going to escape->game.

Here you are presented with two extra options:

Auto Attack – This setting will make you auto-attack a target that gets into your range if you are idle.Attack move on cursor – Usually when you use attack move your champion will attack the target that is closest to you, this will cause you to attack the target closest to your cursor.



How to bind attack move to left mouse button

There is one more option you might want to turn on. When you go to hotkeys and scroll down you can set up attack move to left-click which for a long time was available only by modifying the config file manually. With this setting on you can easily kite using RMB to move and LMB to hit your opponent.


How to permanently show your auto attack range

To do this you will have to manually change the config file that can be found in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config the file is called PersistedSettings.


It’s a JSON file it might look very messy if you use normal notepad so for ease of use I recommend you to use Notepad++ but it’s not required by any means. When you open the find a section called “name”: “GameEvents”


Change values of the following to:

The above settings will show your attack range and change the button you interact with the HUD, so buy items, move minimap, etc. to your scroll wheel button, because you use the middle mouse button to interact we also disabled the zoom in with that button so you don’t zoom in accidentally. If your mouse has more than 3 buttons you can use