Crafting forms an integral part of 7 Days To Die, and with that comes the endless quest for materials. But what if there was an easier way? How about this incredibly easy 7 Days To Die duplication glitch that will double your inventory instead?!Some pointers: this glitch will only work on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, it can only be done via online multiplayer. You’ll need yourself and one friend, and it will only work for the guest in the world – not the host. Enough rambling, here’s our WORKING 7 Days To Die easy duplication glitch! 

Step 1 – Empty And Destroy

You and your friend need to find an empty storage chest. If you have one that’s got items, just remove them. You’ll need to bring the storage chest down to 1HP before you do anything so get smashing.

Step 2 – Fill And Loot

If you are the guest in your friend’s world, either quick move or manually drag everything from your inventory into the chest. Exit the chest, stand back for a second, then enter the chest again. Manually drag (do not quick move) the items from the chest back into your inventory.

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Do not exit the chest. 

Step 3 – Wait And Break

Wait about 10 seconds, while you still have the chest open, and get your friend to break the chest. 

Step 4 – Manipulate And Duplicate! 

When the chest breaks, a backpack will form that should have all the items that have moved about, as well as also be in your inventory. This means that everything has been doubled! 

How’s that for a tried and tested easy 7 Days To Die duplication glitch? No more running about to get more supplies after you’ve mastered this one! Go check it out for yourself! Did this glitch help you and your friends? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter page! Why not check out our YouTube channel too? For more useful glitches for the games you love click here!