There are a lot of things that happen as you get older. Your knees start to hurt, you wake up every morning feeling like you"ve been hit by a truck, and you can"t quite party like you used to. No matter how fast or slow the years go by, it seems that we can never turn back time. While we rush to make it to our twenties rather quickly so that we can party on, as soon as 30 is on the horizon, things start to feel a bit gloomy.

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The moment we turn 21, we realize that the world is our oyster. We can legally drink and enjoy our lives on our own terms, and boy, do we take advantage of that.


During your mid-twenties, you start to lose some of those loose friendships you flocked with in your early twenties and you start to figure out who you are. Your circle gets smaller, you start to mature, and things finally start to figure themselves out.


Turning 20 is one thing. But, realizing that you"re about to be 30 pretty soon is a slap in the face with reality. Turning 30 is a new chapter of real adulthood. Not that semi-adulthood crap, 30 is the real deal. It"s saying goodbye to your youth.

While many of us just deal with getting older, others have some creative ways of saying goodbye to their second adolescence.

Many of us just cope with the fact that we"re old farts, while others decide to go out in style. Now, the latest trend sweeping social media is a literal funeral to say goodbye to our youth.

Like a real funeral for a loved one, people sport all black attire for this birthday. Many women pose with "30" number balloons that showcase that their 20s are definitely dead and gone.

From all-black drinks and food to guests sporting black too, people take extra to a whole new level with these thirtieth birthday parties. One woman even wrote an entire obituary to her twenties.

What says, "RIP" quite like coffin-shaped cookies and tombstones? These cookies look not only delicious, but they"re chic and cute, too! I want a bag myself.

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What would a funeral to our youth be without a cake that was on-brand and on-theme? This cake says, "RIP 20s" in the best way possible. That coffin and tombstone is everything.

If you're looking for a way to say goodbye to your twenties, why not throw yourself a "funeral?"

Hey, you may not even be saying goodbye to your twenties, maybe you"re saying goodbye to your thirties, too. There"s nothing quite like throwing an extra and over-the-top party that"s a funeral theme!

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