Called. Woman with Asian-Indian accent tells me to press "1" to unlock, followed by "zip code", and finally asks for a "passcode". This is where I hung up. First, I"m not on AT&T. My phone uses Verizon towers (straighttalk). Second, hanging up doesn"t stop the call. Sounds like a scam, so must be one.

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Not an ATT call, but claims to be. Requested the last four of the social security number of the account holder. Don"t give that information out. It"s a criminal.

Got a call from this 800 number. Heard the ATT sound but it seemed a bit fuzzy like it was a recording. Not an original sound file. So I hung up and didn"t follow their instructions to unblock my phone. Sad that scammers are trying everything possible to compromise us.

Said they were from AT&T and my account had been locked because of unusual activity. I hung up and blocked the number.

Claims to be ATT, THIS IS NOT ATT. I work for ATT and this is not one of our service numbers. The caller claimed to be calling due to ATT account being locked. Said press 1 to unlock the account. As this phone is a prepaid phone I was not worried about my personal details due to the phone being a burner but after pressing 1 they asked me to enter the account number to verify my identity as well as enter the pin number associated with the account. As these two pieces of information would give a person unlimited access to a person"s prepaid account I am reporting to this and other spam/spoofing reporting sites. I have also reported the number to FCC for investigation.

Received call from this number. Had ATT logo music and said my account had been temporarily blocked. When it directed me to punch in my 5 digit pass code I thought something was fishy and hang up. In fact my account or my phone was not blocked at all.

Said they were from AT&T and my account had been locked because of unusual activity. I hung up and blocked the number since I am typing this on my AT&T account

Yes. Said my ATT account was locked and asked for my billing zip code, passcode for account and last four of SSN. Of course I obliged with some random fake numbers and it said "Your account has now been successfully unlocked." Lady had a Hispanic accent.

Called not only my number (I never answered and let it go to voicemail and no message was left) but they also called a family member who happens to be on the same plan. She answered and they said they were AT&T and asked if we had had any problems with our service. Then said they"d text a 6 digit code and they did. Obviously trying to get access to the account for whatever reason. Very convincing.

Said att unusual task . Account suspended. I hung up. I don"t have att. Later I called my sis. Three times heard sounds of someone dialing. On cell phone her phone landline . It"s time to go back in to the past. A phone that just a phone. No smart phone. They have dumb phones. $200. Costing more to protect your privacy. Would laugh twenty yrs ago pay for a phone that didn"t do anything but call and text.

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Played AT&Ts tone and said there"s unusual activity with my account and to press 1 to continue. I Immediately hung up

Robo caller said they were AT&T and my account was locked due to suspicious activity then proceeded to ask me for my billing Zip code, then Passcode (haha!). That"s when I hung up.

Called my daughters phone and said the number was going to be cut off "due to suspicious activity". Complete scam!

Called late Saturday night. When I tried to call back, it said "Call back during normal business hours."

DO NOT ANSWER. IT IS A MASKED NUMBER. It is not AT&T at all. It is someone posing as AT&T to get you to give them the code that comes through on your cell phone (from AT&T) to authorize a temporary code to change your account information and/or add new lines. They called all of our plan phones and my son was the only one who answered. They said that they were doing a major update on their servers or switches and that he was going to send a code to our phone that we would have to repeat to him on the phone to state that we still wanted to continue with AT&T as our provider. What really happened is that they were trying to log into my account and pressed the "forgot password" button as soon as my son agreed to repeat the password for him. We talked to ATT immediately and it appears that someone in the Bronx (we live in Rochester NY) tried to get new phones ordered and have access to my accounts. ATT says they will NEVER call you and ask you for a code. It is best to NEVER answer these calls and just ignore them. This was a nightmare trying to fix this and it took about 2 hours of my time on the phone with them to report it and fix the changes that this guy in the Bronx had made to my account. Also, weird thing was that the number that called all of us was the same, but when all of us who did NOT answer the call then called it back a recording said "answer three questions and you could win a cruise," But when my son who did answer the call then called the number back it said "AT&T, how can we help you?" and even gave their little jingle. DO NOT ANSWER!