I"ve never used the surf function before and I am getting this error that I do not understand. I"ve read the other posts on this and still can"t figure out what I need to do.
What can"t I just do = meshgrid(xA,yA) then surf(x,y,zA)? I don"t see what other info the function would need to make a surface. Can someone tell me how to get this working?



A surface is a 3D plot. All your X values are repeated for every Y value, and vice versa, meaning the surface is 5001 x 5001. Surf automatically can handle a vector for X and Y, but Z must be the matrix containing the Z value for every combination of X and Y.

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Thank you very much for the info Cris and Walter. I needed that background info to understand how MATLAB works it versus how I think about it. I see the missing link, I"ll do some more research to get a more solid understanding. Much appreciated!


Walter: That"s why I said to use scatter3. This allows you to view the data first to see if it even could create a surface, or if it is just a line. It is possible to record all the points for a surface in a vector. If the result does end up looking like it could be a surface, then you might be able to just reshape the vectors into matrices that can be plotted using surf.

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