I’m not a princess but I always wanted to be one. I always wanted my prince charming to come and save me from my life’s problems.

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That was 10 years ago.

Who am I?

I’m still not a princess and I don’t need saving. I have however become dependent on many people over the course of my school and college years.

I had my first and only relationship when I was 15 years of age and I decided to break up 11 months after we got together. I had known him for almost 5 years. He was my first crush and he was everything I wanted.

So where did IT all go wrong?

Turns out, we must be very careful about what we wish for. People change and we see sides that we were entirely blind to.

I do not regret the relationship but boy, do I wish I had thought more about the decisions I had made.

It’ll be 6 years since our break up and even though he found someone really nice, I’m still single.

Does it bother me?

Yes, it does a little and on some nights I get super anxious about it too.

But these 5+ years have done something to me that I hadn’t expected.

I actually have very few emotional needs. I need Attention, and I am very thankful to my best friends(Sam & Mio) for treating me like a princess when it comes to this.

I need to form an emotional connection with someone if I were to consider them my friend(true). Even though I seem to be extremely extroverted and have a lot of friends, there are very few who fit that list. A handful of 2 or 3 in hostel, 2 best friends, 2 school friends and someone I had known even before I had met him.

I feel like I’m on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (internally screaming).

I know I cannot survive alone. I thrive on conversations with humans and I need to be a part of the crowd too (sometimes).

I’m super nice but I can get pretty bitchy too.

(Is it just me or all girls who study in all girls schools like this?)

I am possessive about the people I have in my life. I was a very kind and sharing person when it came to relationships but not anymore motherfuckers!

He/She is mine. Back off.

I know it sounds immature and naive but over the past few years I’ve really learnt to value friendship(thank you Sam).

I happen to love anime (Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood FTW). This could be the primary reason why I’m so upfront about my feelings. (Anime female leads who always confess their feelings). I came up with the alias Miyuki Yamaki because I loved(love: still do) anime.

I do not encourage lying about one’s feelings. Your mental peace should be valued over everything else.

People will come, they will leave. No one’s destined to stay with you till death anyway(or are they?).

They say nothing lasts forever, but I’m a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after we’re gone. -Cecilia Ahern

As a result of too many temporary events, friendships, connections(yep that too) and affairs, I come to firmly believe that no matter what happens Life goes on (in a good sense, not just to console myself). Even though I have had my fair share of mishaps and mistakes, I love giving, helping out. What do I get in return? Nothing(most of the times). Does it stop me? Absolutely not.

I love doing this. Spreading energy! Even though people worry about my mental health that eventually I will run out of this and it will suffocate me. I know it won’t (over confidence). For those who know me pretty well, “I’m never wrong guys (99.5%)”.

I have extremely strong intuitions especially after a certain person came into my life and now he works like a catalyst.

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I thrive on creepy and paranormal information. For some very absurd reason, I am attracted to people who are “not okay”. Sometimes I help them find closure. These vibes and energy is what probably draws me to them.