After living in Chicago for your whole life, spotting a born and raised Chicagoan is easy! There’s something about being from the Windy City that makes you different from the other kids. Here are the 20 signs you grew up in Chicago!

1. You still call the city’s tallest building the Sears Tower

What even is the “Willis Tower”?


6. “I’m just taking the LSD, I’ll see you soon!”

For you, the LSD is not a drug. Instead, it is the beautiful stretch of highway that runs along the lake, giving you a breath taking view of the city.

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7. You won’t even bother leaving the house during Lollapalooza

Especially if you live anywhere near Grant Park. For four days, all you will see is hoards of sweaty people on every street, on every train car, and on every bus. Unless you are one of those people, you probably don’t want to leave the house.


15. Even if you are a Sox fan at heart, you still cheered for the Cubs when they won the 2016 World Series

How could you not cheer for them? I mean its not like its been 108 years or anything.

16. Your neighborhood is who you are

There are over 200 neighborhoods in Chicago and you’re from one of them. Is it Lincoln Park? The Loop? Pilsen? Take your pick.

17. Who needs cabs when you have the CTA?

Chicago Transit Authority aka the “L”. What a good friend. You could probably find your way home with your eyes closed because you’ve taken it so many times.

18. You measure distance in minutes

Miles? What are those? You measure in minutes and SWEAR that everything is at least 10 to 15 minutes away.

19. You know why the city is called the “Windy City”

You now it’s because of the loud mouth politicians. But, it so happens that the city is also very windy.

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20. You have used furniture to hold a parking spot in the winter

It’s basically a Chicago Classic! Your favorite type of furniture is the folding chair.

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