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You are configuring a network firewall to allow SMTP outbound e-mail traffic, and POP3 inbound e-mail traffic.Which of the following TCP/IP ports should you open on the firewall?(select 2)(a)143(b)443(c)21(d)110(e)25
Which network service would you use to get the IP address from the FQDN hostname?(a)FTP(b)NAT(c)DNS(d)DHCP
Which of the following IP address ranges is reserved for Automatic Private IP Addressing?(a)
Which service can you use on your network to automatically assign IP addresses to hosts and to prevent the same address from being assigned to two different hosts?(a)SNMP(b)DHCP(c)IGMP(d)IP(e)ICMP(f)TCP
You have a small wireless network with less than 50 client computers.You upgraded the firmware on two wireless devices so you can use a better security standard than WEP.Now you need to implement the new security standard.You need the greatest amount of security with the least amount of effort,and without replacing any of the wireless infrastructure.What should you do (select 2)(a)Implement WPA-PSK(b)Configure each client to use a different key(c)Implement WPA Enterprise(d)Configure each client with the same key
You have been contacted by OSCorp to recommend a wireless solution.The wireless strategy must support a transmission range of 150 feet,use a frequency range of 2.4 ghz,and provide the highest transmission speeds.Which of the following wireless solutions would you recommend?(a)802.11g(b)802.11b(c)802.11a(d)Bluetooth(e)WEP (Wireless over Ehternet Protocol)
You are designing an update to your clients wireless network.The existing wireless network uses 802.11b equipment,which your client complains runs to slowly.She wants to upgrade the network to run at 54 Mps.Due to budget constraints your client wants to upgrade only the wireless access points in the network this year.The system must also continue to function during the transition period.Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation?(a)802.11c(b)802.11d(c)802.11a(d)802.11g(e)802.11b
You have a small wireless networkthat uses multiple access points.The network uses WPA and broadcasts the SSID.WPA2 is not supported by the wireless access points.You want to connect a laptop computer to the wireless network.Which of the following parameters will you need to configureon the laptop?(Select 2)(a)Preshared key(b)AES encyryption(c)Channel(d)TKIP encyryption(e)BSSID
Which wireless standard has the highest data transfer rates?(a)802.11b(b)802.11g(c)802.11a(d)802.11n
Which of the following actions will secure your wireless network?(a)Add WAP(b)Add WEP(c)Add 802.11a(d)Add CSMA/CD
You need to secure your wireless network.Which security protocols could you implement?(Select 2)(a)WPA(b)Bitblocker(c)WEP(d)EFS(e)802.11n
You have purchased a used wireless access point and want to set up a small wireless network at home.The access point only supports WEP.You want to configure the most secure settings on the access point.Which of the following would you configure?(Select 2)(a)TKIP(b)Open authentication(c)Preshared key(d)AES
You have physically added a wireless access point to your network and installed a wireless networking card in two laptops running Windows XP.Neither laptop can find the network and you have come to the conclusion that you must manually configure the wireless access point(AP).Which of the following values uniquely identifies the network AP?(a)WEP(b)PS(c)Channel(d)SSID
Which of the following are features of Basic Rate ISDN(BRI)(Select 3)(a)Three control channels(b)Dial-up connection(c)One control channel(d)Up to 24 data channels(e)Two data Channels(f)Always-on connection
When configuring an ADSL installation,where should you install the DSL filters?(a)On the connection leading to the DSL router(b)After the DSL router but before any computers(c)On connections leading to an anlog phone(d)On all F-type connectors
Which of the following are used to connect a cable modem to the Internet connection?(Select 2)(a)F-type connectors(b)RG-6 coaxial cable(c)Cat5 UTP cable(d)RJ-11 connectors(e)RJ-45 connectors
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