Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2016: In the last episode, Iyers and also Bhallas reached Mihika’s wedding and also occurred to have an argument through each other the Adi came and also resolved the matter. Mihika appreciated him and compared him via Ishita. Ishita as well came to their wedding and became the component of everyone’s discussion as she reverted after over 7 years.

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Ruhaan got Pihu’s attention to get right into marital relationship and dropped glass. She witnessed him and shouted her name and referred to as Adi and also asked him to invite Ruhaan. She took aarti ki thali and Adi adhered to her and he told Ruhaan that his sister Pihu is the biggest fan of him and presented himself and asked him to come in. He agreed and also obtained emotional seeing everyone and also remembered his old days.

Adi made him meet Ishita and also he acquired shocked seeing Ishita reunited via her family members. Ishita said it’s happy to check out him aacquire in marriage. Ruhaan wiped his tears and shelp somepoint went into his eyes. Ishita told her eve she constantly made the same excuse when she visited any type of marital relationship and also sassist they are as well a lot identical. He denied to be similar and said he must leave.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1fifth May 2016

Ruhi stopped her and did his aarti and also everybody smiled seeing that while Ruhaan wondered she had his challenge and fate and also took every little thing from him. Ishita wiburned to hug Pihu. Pihu asked Ruhaan to have one selfie but he denied. Ishita shelp what would certainly go in one selfie and asked him not to be rude and shelp he couldn’t be favor her. Adi shelp that would certainly be done later but Pihu insisted and took a selfie with him and also went.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1fifth May 2016 Written Updates

Adi took him to make him accomplish Romi and also Mihika. Aliya asked Ishita what Ruhaan was doing here? She responded he was invited by Adi and also Pihu and shelp he is incredibly rude. Aliya asked her to swirl her magic wand to reunite Bhallas and also Iyers. She smiled and also rereferred to as her marriage with Raman. Ishita made Mihika wear Kailery. Aliya asked about that rasam. Mrs. Bhalla sassist that’s Punjabi rasam and also now couldn’t be taken.

Amma asked to remove it as that’s Tamilian wedding. Pihu referred to as Adi and shelp the fight was around to start and that would spoil the marriage. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla both said as both had a various tradition. Aliya asked Ishita if that debate would certainly finish or not? She replied that family members was choose that they dealt with and also then united in love.

Ramale told Mihir that women are their biggest problem they trust them and didn’t treatment. Ruhi called Raman and also asked him to come as both aunties had combated and he was needed to conserve the marital relationship. He agreed to come. Ishita asked pandit Ji to execute marital relationship in both rituals Punjabi and Tamilian. Ruhaan observed her and sassist she concerned break both families.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2016

Pandit Ji started to ignite the havan but woods didn’t catch fire. Ishita asked pandit Ji to wait for new woods. He sassist he didn’t have match sticks. Raguy came and ignited havan and Pihu organize his and Ishita’s hand to conserve Ishita to capture her saree to get the fire. Everybody smiled seeing them together. Ruhaan observed them with envy and also sassist he wouldn’t let them unite and shelp they must fell the exact same as he felt as soon as his dear one’s abandoned him.