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SynopsisHaving cooked too much rice one day, 28-year-old widow Shuuko Yakumo decides to share the surplus with her new neighbor, Shouhei Yamato. As an active member of his high school's baseball club, Yamato works up an enormous appetite, and his penchant for eating a lot reminds Yakumo of her late husband. These fond memories reignite her passion for cooking. Ever since their first meal together, Yakumo has been inviting Yamato over to her home to eat every day, slowly building their friendship through love of food and baseball.


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Yakumo-san wa Ezuke ga Shitai is about food, sport and love it's as simple as that.Nowadys we have a lots of shows that try to be too many things and as result they fail miserably, reading this manga make me realize semplicity works the best if done well.Story: (7/10)Yamato Shuuhei is a teenage boy who's living by himself to pursue his dream of playing baseball at high levels so he enrolled in a high school known to be really good at it.Yakumo Shuuko (28 y.o.) is a widow that loves cooking, since the dead of his husband she lost in part that passion, but learning Yamato helped her regain it. It's a slow paced romance, they know each others day by day, start to realying in each others,... It's kinda realistic, which is a good thing in my opinion.Art: (9.25/10)The drawings are always well done and clean. It's a bit static because there isnt a lot of "movement" in this manga, the baseball is not the main focus so that's reasonable. Characters: (7/10)As the story also the characters are a bit plain, I mean there is nothing particularly interessant about them, that's not a bad thing but in my opinion the author could have made them a bit more different that the usual characters that we see in most of the mangas.Yamato: he's the main character, he's a highschool student, as far as I remember he has a little sister, which we see in one of the chapters, he's a hardworking guy, also talented in baseball, eats a lot of junk food, that's why Yakumo offers him to eat dinner with her.Yakumo: she's 28, she has lost the loved one that she met at the university, he was similar to our main protagonist (loved to eat a lot), she's not the flashy type, and never was, she love to cook because she enjoy seeing the satisfied faces of the people after eating her meals.Enjoyment: (8/10)A lighthearted romcom, no ecchi, absolutly recommended if you want to read something funny and cute, as previously said the romance develop slowly so dont expect too much too soon, just enjoy for what it's!Overall: (7.80) Thanks for reading!