Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an action role playing video game being released in 2018. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the third addition in the Xenoblade Chronicles game series. Some new features and characters have been introduced in this part of the game. The game is presented in a world full of clouds. There are clouds everywhere. A few survivors of a mysterious beast civilization lived in this cloud world.You have to discover them and find the home of the main character of the game named Pyra. You have to explore this world and find the treasures and secret paths out there. You may also find weapons during the exploration. But you have to face many enemies during this process, and have to battle against them. You will also find living blade characters in the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game.You can add these blade characters into your side. This will strengthen your time and makes it a little easy to fight against the enemies. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is designed in a much better way as compared to the previous parts and it is considered to be the best game of the series. You can play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game on Nintendo switch game console.The characters of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game are categorized into three categories.The most highlighted characters in group S are Boreas and Brighid. They are the best result oriented characters and are highly recommended by the players all around the world. The leading heroes in the group A are Aegaeon and Dahlia. These characters have got great skills and abilities. You can pick them up.

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The most prominent characters in group B are Adenine and Agate. They are considered to be the weakest of the party.

Tier S

NameField SkillsTier ListBoreasNopon Wisdom, Salvaging Mastery, Fleet of FootSBrighidFire Mastery, Keen Eye, MineralogySFlorenEarth Mastery, Botany, Beguiling CharmSKOS-MOSLight Mastery, Lockpicking, Mental ArithmeticSMythraFire Mastery, Focus, Girls’ TalkSNewtSuperstrength, Salvaging Mastery, Titan Weapon WisdomSNiaWater Mastery, Forestry, FortitudeSPoppi AlphaLeaping, Nopon Wisdom, SuperstrengthSPoppi QT PiKeen Eye, Ancient Wisdom, ForestrySShebaGirls’ Talk, Lockpicking, Eye for BeautySUrsulaHarmony, Ichthyology, FortitudeSValeDark Mastery, Girls’ TalkSZenobiaWind Mastery, Superstrength, LeapingS

Tier A

NameField SkillsTier ListAegaeonWater Mastery, Ancient Wisdom, LeapingADahliaForestry, Ice MasteryADromarchWater Mastery, Botany, Ancient WisdomAElectraElectric Mastery, Focus, Master of ThunderAFinchEntomology, Leaping, Bird BrainAHeraldElectric Mastery, Superstrength, RampageAKassadraDark Mastery, One Lucky GalANimEarth Mastery, Ichthyology, Phonex LinguisticsAPandoriaElectric Mastery, Lockpicking, IcthyologyAPraxisGirls’ Talk, Water Mastery, Salvaging MasteryARocWind Mastery, Miasmi Dispersal, LockpickingATheoryIce Mastery, Focus, Nopon WisdomAVessForestry, Fortitude, Dumpling ProAWulfricSuperstrength, Earth Mastery, FocusA

Tier B

NameField SkillsTier ListAdenineWind Mastery, Keen Eye, Extra-Ancient WisdomBAgateMineralogy, Keen EyeBAzamiDark Mastery, Botany, Clairvoyant EyeBDagasCavalier AttitudeBGodfreyPassionate Soul, Justice-Loving Soul, Kind SoulBGorgKeen Eye, FortitudeBKoraGirls’ Talk, Electric Mastery, LockpickingBPercevalDark Mastery, Leaping, AssassinationBPerunIce Mastery, Ancient Wisdom, ChivalryBPoppi QTLockpicking, Fortitude, AgronomyBPyraFire Mastery, Focus, CookingB
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