BUG , rats in sewers are super strong, and kill me in 1 second with enemy scaling option ONRats seem ridiculously overpowered on high levels. Just doing the final quest with merrigold in the severs of novigrad.The chamber full of level 92 rats.In need up to three hits for a single rat with my levelled aerondight, and its a lot of them down here. Unfortunaly I cant let merrigold fight them alone as her attacks do not harm the rats at all. Igni and bombs have no mentionable effect, so this is not an option. Have to fight them with sword.The problem is: they need just three successive hits to kill me in full armor - this is just ridiculous. So far the most tough battle I remember, caranthir+imlerith+eredin vs geralt is a cakewalk in comparison.rats should die by a single strike or igni cast.a single rat example:

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I can"t help but wonder if someone did this on purpose... As soon as I read this, I immediately thought about the pigs behind the house in Majula during Dark Souls 2.


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BUG , rats in sewers are super strong, and kill me in 1 second with enemy scaling option ON
During Triss escort mission in sewers when mages are escaping, rats are killing me in 1 second, and it takes 3 hits per rat to kill just one with best gear at the moment.Bombs do not work, igni does not work.take a look at this short video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Di0GJp-PIAFirst playthry, not NG+This is the same problem as in Fyke Isle mission if you say you don"t believe the girl ghost story, the rats kill you in 1 second.Also jin fight on ship with Jenifer in last wish quest, jin is unbeatable with scaling ON.I had to turn off enemy scaling option for all those 3 those parts, so far with scaling rats are the hardest enemies ever in any witcher game Imagine in GOTY edish with perma death mode to die like this...Please fix this.
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Merged an older thread in with this one, as the title for this thread was more general. It seems there may be a problem with the "oomph" rats receive through scaling -- either through the scaling option or the NG+ buff.(Perhaps, rats were simply never meant to reach level 20 and above. We warned them not to mess with the natural order...we warned them...)


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Yeah I always have to remember to disable enemy scaling before rat fights. I keep thinking there"s only one or two such encounters but it seems like I keep running into more rats.