Willie Taylor is finally admitting that there is much more to the story with his side chick Kyesha Shalina than he ever told his wife, Shanda Denyce. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star recently opened up to one of his friends about the longtime affair that he was involved in with Kyesha and it turns out that he did way more than sending a few text messages. With more of the details about Willie"s cheating out in the open in a new VH1 clip, fans of LHHH are wondering why he didn"t just tell Shanda the truth in the first place?

Willie"s cheating ways have been the entire storyline for Willie and Shanda on Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

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As the season began, fans of the VH1 reality show were introduced to Kyesha, who came on the show to call out Willie for their years-long affair and to let Shanda know what was going on.

He finally admits his truth. Willie Taylor reveals to his wife Shanda that his affair with Kyesha was… https://t.co/JWFuVKs6DW pic.twitter.com/3ejLhEUCMV

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Even after Willie Taylor and Shanda Denyce confronted Kyesha Shalina, who told Shanda that her affair with Willie went much deeper than text messages, the Day 26 singer continued to deny just how deep it all went.

Willie claimed that the text messages all stemmed from one message that Kyesha sent after her mother died and that Willie felled compelled to comfort her during that time. It turns out that the LHHH star"s relationship with Kyesha went all the way back to 2004. Kyesha claimed that Willie told her that he wanted to be with her and only stayed with Shanda and married her because he got her pregnant.

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Kyesha even took part in the #SoGoneChallenge that was trending on social media last month. According to VH1, she took the opportunity to freestyle rap a diss song about Shanda and take several more jabs at Willie Taylor"s wife despite the fact that she was the other woman, and she has shown up in California for the sole purpose of splitting up a marriage.

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With Willie Taylor finally coming clean about the extent of his affair with Kyesha Shalina, will Shanda Denyce ever forgive him so they can get their marriage back on track? Tell us what you think of this latest Love & Hip Hop Hollywood drama in the comment section below.