Guitars are all about passion and love. Doesn’t matter how good a guitarist you are, if your guitar does not stand up to your expectations, you will never have a scope to complain about it. People will be blaming you as “a bad worker who blames his tools”! Let’s not bother much about what people say though, but staying at the safest size is always a preference of mine.

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Here I have listed some hand-picked wide neck guitars, with suitable string spacing which makes them a fit for large and fat fingers. The tunes are almost versatile and the sounds do not leave many platforms to complain.

Here you go with the list:


Wide neck:

The acoustic guitar has a nut width of 1.69 inches. The name is already a big hit in the ears of its users because of its affordability and clever contouring. Even the biggest of fingers would not mind playing on 1.69 inches wide neck Yamaha has tried its best to expand the area of your switches and sweeps by including only 20 frets. I am glad to accept that there are again fewer distractions towards uncomfortable and messy switches and a longer time to play with this instrument.


Students, learners, and fresh practitioners are going to love the price of the guitar. It is just so hard to have a wide neck guitar that is suitable for fat fingers and has comfortable string spacing under this price. The contouring and quality of the guitar are worth the price and make a fantastic option in the market.

Versatility for beginners:

Fresh learners always need a versatile option. It is a must to have enough scope to linger upon different styles and develop a basic knowledge of all of them. Hence, here is a good choice with almost all suitable pickup patterns which fit maximum genres for practicing. Take your time playing various genres, find your fit before you make a professional move.

Touch of specs:

The length of the scale of this guitar is 25 inches and it has 20 frets. The width of the nut measures 1.692 inches. The Acoustic guitar includes 6 strings and Walnut fingerboard construction. A Scalloped body construction promises durability. You get a lovely hourglass Conjuring with smooth edges.


The affordability practically does not allow you to complain much about the configuration of the guitar. To some extent, I find the guitar not making a perfect match for professional uses because of the high action pickups.

Also, the shape of the guitar is smooth and hourglass though, it does not suit a person who is into trends and dazzling fashion. I will say the shape and look of the guitar is a little too Classic and it needs a little touch of style to it.

Some Do(s) and Don’t(s) while purchasing a wide neck electric guitar:

Knowing your genre and playing style is very important as there are a variety of wide neck electric guitars available. Thus, the moment you know which genre of music you are after, picking the right one becomes a piece of cake.

There are some brands that are actually quite well known for producing the best wide neck electric guitars.

The best brands for wide neck electric guitars (with width)

PRS: 1.687 inchesGibson: 1.695 inchesIbanez: 1.692

What is considered a “wide” electric guitar neck?

The cutoff I’ve used for writing this article is 1.68 inches. Thus, any electric guitar measuring 1.68 inches or higher at the nut can be considered to be a wide neck. However, the measurement is for a standard guitar and does not take in consideration any extended range guitars that have 7-8 sting electrics. If that’s the case the nut would be large as it is covered by additional strings.

First of all, I would request you to be sure that you want to learn this instrument with all your heart. Unless you have the soul in your music, the music does not have the strength to convince yourself and the people around you.If two things matter the most, then according to me it would be a wide neck and versatile pickup pattern. Forgive me for adding other important specs such as a spacious room for the fingers to work on the fretboard and wider string spacing. However all this should not make your guitar a very heavy tool to carry, look for a suitable lightweight and cleverly designed piece such as our Ibanez.If you are sure about the genre you love to play, do not be scared of picking up a guitar that is limited to 1 genre type. But “certainty” plays a bigger role here.If you are wondering whether you can play a beautiful tune with fat fingers let me tell you I have chubby fingers and “this is no challenge at all!” To be a good guitarist all you need is a smart pick and technique. Nothing can challenge your passion, do not develop this silly, over-hyped fear in your brain, and trying is the key. Unless you try, you will not know that some of the best guitarists in the world have fat fingers.Do match your requirements with the specs before purchasing a guitar, do not sit like a confused lazy baby, and end up complaining about the purchase you made. There are a lot of specs discussed in the descriptions of the guitars in the list. Go through them, look for what you exactly want, carve out the image of your perfect tool, and purchase it.I might not be the first person to tell you this, but rather than saving those extra pennies, invest in durable and reliable gear that does not ask you for frequent repairs and setups.

What features to select if you have fat and cute fingers:

Neck Shape:

A “C” or “U” next ship works perfectly for you to wrap your fingers around it and play the tunes comfortably.


A wide and Flat fingerboard with a radius of about more than 8 inches at least has a good radius for chubby fingers. On the other hand, if your fingers are lean and sleek then I would suggest you stick to a radius of about 7 inches to 8 inches.


The shorter the scale, the lesser is the distance between the fret. So if you are to decide the gap between the bridge, from the nut, it is very easy. Short and cute, clubby fingers can go for short-scale guitars which are below 25 inches and below usually. The long and lean fingers can reach out to anything.

String Spacing:

The wider the strings are staged the lesser is the chance to hit wrong strings and Messy tune. So never hesitate before opting for good string spaces.

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If you have fat fingers, wide neck electric guitars are certainly the best pick for you!

Do not hit me for saying that playing does not require practice, but if you love something with all your heart you ultimately end up practicing it a lot more than you would without the love and passion for it. A musical instrument is like an armament to the Warfield and it needs to be well equipped to make you sound good with it.