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This mission starts automatically when you complete both The Aftermath of Genesis and Old Friends missions.

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In need of money, and with the plans and explosives stolen from the O"Driscolls" camp, the gang ride out to rob Leviticus Cornwall"s private train.

Gold Medal Checklist

Save Lenny when he is hanging from the trainAfter stopping the train, take out the guards within 1 minute 30 secondsTake no damage during the shootoutGet 10 headshotsComplete the mission without taking any health items

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Prior missions

To begin Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall? you must first complete The Aftermath of Genesis and Old Friends.

1. Follow Dutch

Follow Dutch until you reach a cliff near the entrance to the tunnel, overlooking the railway tracks.

2. Check on Bill

Bill places explosives on a track, go to him to talk to him. He will ask you for some help with connecting the wires to the detonator.

3. Pick up the spool / Connect the wire to the detonator

Pick up the spool, unroll the wire towards the detonator and connect the wire to the detonator.

4. Return to the gang / Equip the disguise

Go back to the hill where the rest of the gang is waiting and cover your face with a bandana.

5. Jump on the train

Blowing up the train failed so you have to get to the train in a different way. Follow Javier and Lenny and jump on the roof of the train as soon as you reach the edge over the other end of the tunnel.

6. Grab Lenny

Quickly help Lenny, who"s hanging from the side of the train car, get to the roof of the train.

7. Take out the guards

Move to the front of the train"s freight cars.

You can decide which one of you, you or Lenny, should go first. If you want to get the gold medal in this mission then go first and try to get as many headshots as possible now. The "take no damage during the shootout" requirement is not yet in use, so nothing will happen if one of your opponents hits you.

Kill the guards you meet on your way.

8. Take out the train engineer

When you arrive near a locomotive, Lenny or you (depending on which one of you goes first) will be caught by the train engineer. If it was Lenny then you must wait for a good moment and shoot the enemy in the head before he throws Lenny off the train. If you"re the one he caught, you have to get out of his grip and throw him off the wagon.

When you or Lenny are safe, then you or he will stop the train.

9. Take out the guards

If you want to get the gold medal in this mission, then you can"t be shot once now. You also have to stay within the time limit and additionally get the missing headshots.

Move to the rear of the train, take cover behind rocks and kill the guards along the way.

10. Meet with Dutch

Join Dutch and the other members of your gang who are waiting for you near the last train car.

11. Intimidate the guards in the private car

Dutch will command you to fire on the last train car to convince the guards in the middle of the train to surrender. However, this will not work.

12. Take dynamite from Bill / Approach the carriage door / Place the dynamite / Light the fuse / Get away from the dynamite

Dutch will ask you to blow up the door to the private train car. Take the dynamite from Bill, place it on the door and light the fuse, and then move away from it at a safe distance.

13. Go to the private car

Get inside the car.

14. Find loot on the train

Search the wagon for valuable items. The most important of these, the bearer bonds, can be found in the box which is located in the lower part of the cabinet.

15. Get back to the gang

Get out of the car, go back to Dutch and give him the bonds you found.

16. Deal with the guards / Take care of the guards

The fate of the remaining guards is in your hand. You can shoot them or spare them.

17. Go to the engine car to start the train

Go to the front of the train, get on the locomotive and start the engine.

The train will move forward and you will jump out of the train and call your horse to return to your companions.

After completing Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall? you will get or will be able to get Eastward Bound.

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